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Showing 24 from 104 product(s) found.


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Why (No) Fashion Trends?

This product category is called (No) Fashion Trends. Because we believe that everyone should live their own fashion trend. Instead of chasing after fast-moving trends.

We would like to encourage you to be yourself, to create your own style and to live it out through your fashion style.

Here you will find fashion trends that fortunately have remained loyal to us for decades.

Such as flower patterns, polka dots or leopard patterns.

Because these beautiful prints have simply become an indispensable part of fashion.

You will also find our favorite designs as outfit inspiration, such as two-piece dresses or Bali Batik folklore patterns.

Because our clothes are made in Bali and our love for Bali is also reflected in our clothes.

And if you have any questions or suggestions about our products! We always look forward to a message from you! Either via email, WhatsApp or our contact form! We will answer you promptly and with pleasure!

Have fun shopping 🙂