Witchy wrap bracelet crystal beads “Moonlight”

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Witchy wrap bracelet Black & Silver. Made of crystal beads.

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Bohemian wrap bracelet

Witchy wrap bracelet crystal beads “Moonlight”

  • Witchy wrap bracelet can be wrapped three times around the wrist.
  • Total length: approx. 59 cm.
  • Elegant style, but still simple.
  • Handmade with love in Bali.

Learn more about the Witchy wrap bracelet crystal beads "Moonlight"

Elegantes Funkelndes Boho Kristall Wickelarmband SchwarzThe elegant but simple bohemian wrap bracelet is handmade with love in Bali by my friend Reena. She needs approx. 6 hours to finish this kind of hippie wrap armlet.

She combined a black string of synthetic leather and black & silver crystal beads. The elegant bohemian arm band has also a cute little chain of silver metal beads on the sides. That makes it look even more glamorous and sparkling. The bohemian wrap bracelet “Infinity” has a total length of approx. 59 cm . Thus can be tied three times around the wrist accordingly.

The boho chic bracelet is fastened with a decorative button with 2 button holes. So it can be fastened to any one depending on the size of the wrist. The excess of the strap can be easily cut off. The triple wrap bracelet completes perfectly a night-out ibiza style, but also adds a little bit of glamour to your every day outfit.

Treffen Sie Reena, den Hersteller dieses Produkts

Baligirls at WorkThis bracelet was created by Reena. I met her at a market for designers in Bali. The love and the passion for our jobs made us feel connected right from the beginning.

Her biggest passion is the creation of her beautiful bracelets. When she is telling about her handy-work, her face starts to shine immediately.

She chuckled and told me that she is so engrossed in her work sometimes that she accidentally works through the night. Even now, when she is pregnant, she can’t just lay down her craft because she would miss her beautiful work after a few days.