Black muslin hippie maxi skirt with slit “Shanti”

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  • Black muslin hippie maxi skirt with openings on both sides revealing slits as you walk.
  • The cut is high waist.
  • The upper part is elastic and adapts to the figure.
  • Made from 100% high quality muslin (cotton from Bali).
  • One size fits all. Suitable for dress sizes 34-40.
  • Made with love in Bali.

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Black muslin hippie maxi skirt with slit "Shanti"

Schwarze Musselin Wickelbluse Trompetenärmeln
Boho Sommer Outfit Musselin Rock und Maxirock mit Schlitz in Schwarz
Elegantes Bohemian Maxikleid zweiteilig schwarz aus Baumwolle mit Schlitz

Black muslin hippie maxi skirt with slit "Shanti"

Schwarzer Musselin Hippie Maxirock mit Schlitz Langer Damen Rock long schwarz

Of course, no two-piece set should be missing from our summer collection. This time we thought we’d give you the choice of how you want to combine your two-piece dress. Therefore, our black muslin hippie maxi skirt with slit can be combined with different matching boho tops. Depending on which top you combine the long slit skirt with, you get a completely different look.

For example, the outfit looks very classic when you combine it with the “Georgia” Cross Back Top. You can create a summery boho festival look by combining the tops “Shanti” or “Oui Oui”. And with the “Shavasana” wrap blouse, the two-piece look is casual and suitable for the evening.

Our black muslin hippie maxi skirt has a special design. Because the overlapping of the front and back parts creates two openings on both sides. When walking, these two openings act like two slits.

The skirt is also cut high-waisted and is elastic in the upper part, so it adapts very nicely to the figure and is suitable for clothing sizes 34-40. The skirt has a total length of approx. 107 cm. The waistband is measured lying approx. 29 cm (width) / approx. 16 cm (height). And the hip part measured lying down is approx. 47 cm (width). Whereby it widens a bit through the two openings.

Anyone who knows baby burp cloths (also called gauze bandages) may know how cuddly the cotton fabric “muslin” is.

So why not make clothes out of it too. Because our muslin outfits are all so comfortable that you can even wear them to sleep or to chill at home. At the request of our customers, we have had the fabric specially dyed for our black fans.

Write to us if you have any questions about the product or the fit. In this way we can possibly avoid unnecessary returns. Then nature is happy and so are we 😉