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What can you expect in our boho style online shop?

In our boho style online shop you will also find inspirations and ideas for styling for the perfect festival outfit or the authentic Ibiza & Bohemian look.
We bring you closer to Bali and share with you our encounters with people, special places and culture.

This is our motto

Become part of the movement!
Honest hand made Boho Clothing for honest prices. You know for sure that the producer of this piece of clothing gets the money they deserve.
With almost every piece there is a little story about who made with.
Fair trade like its supposed to be…made with love and passion.

Find your favourite bohemian piece in our Boho Style Online Shop


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“Let’s move away from corporate coercion and give each and every one the opportunity to develop creatively.”

Our Bohemian Festival clothing has been made fair, with time, patience and love from friends from Bali as well as other far away countries. We give you the opportunity to look behind the scenes and to meet the people who helped us to make our hippie & boho clothes into reality.

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Our contribution to fair Boho clothing

Our collections not only get a face and a soul, but we also want to contribute to the trend of “slow fashion” and move away from mass production and unfair working conditions.

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