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What does “Bohemian Style” actually mean?

The Bohemian Style stands for freedom, art, peace, love and joy. So the boho style is much more than just a fashion trend. It describes a lifestyle that is unconventional, creative, musical and critical of political and social society. In fashion, the typical boho style is characterised by colourful and wide garments with a versatile mix of jewellery and accessories. In boho clothing everyone can express themselves in their personality and their own interests. Because everything you feel comfortable in is allowed in the boho hippie fashion. Fortunately, the boho style has stayed with us over the years and mixes with other influences from different eras.

In this fashion blog, find out everything about the meaning, origin and further development of the so-called “Bohemian Style” or Boho Style.

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What does boho style clothing look like?

You can live out your creativity in Bohemian clothing, because there are no specific style rules. Everything that pleases and above all is comfortable can be brought in here. For this reason, a typical Bohemian outfit oversized tunic, long hippie skirts and flowing maxi dresses very common.

Paired with this are large and unusual accessories, such as big statement earrings or hoop earrings, many and different long chains, eye-catching belts and headdresses of any kind.

There are many playful flower-motifs in the Boho style , animal leo prints, but also colourful Batik, folklore and ethno pattern. The main thing is that it is colourful and unusual.

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Origin of the term “Bohemian” – meaning

Exactly where this term came from is a matter of debate. Because the original “Bohemian” used to be travellers and refugees from the Eastern European Balkans who lived in poverty due to the social and economic situation.

However, at the beginning of the 19th century, after the French Revolution, a bohemian movement emerged. Mainly driven by free-spirited artists with an exotic style. Since at that time in France the term “Bohème“, which is equivalent to the German term “Zigeuner”, was more of an expression of rejection of social mores.

So this term was taken up again by the artist movement. According to this new view, he described an unconventional lifestyle that knew no borders and resisted the political and social views of conventional society.

The clothing style from an expression of attitude to life

This lifestyle and the creativity were also reflected in their clothes. With their individuality, they became a large part of their own art.

Accordingly, they dressed similarly to the nomadic Roma from Bohemia. This style was also a lifestyle ideology that represented an alternative way of life with a specific attitude towards social and societal norms.

Further development of the bohemian style

Centuries later, while the style has evolved, it has endured. Also in the 60s & In the 70s, “bohemianism” continued with the hippie movement of the time.

This style was lived out with wide skirts and dresses, Indian jewellery and psychedelic patterns and colours. The passion for travel and the interest in foreign cultures are also reflected in today’s boho style. This is why fabrics and folklore patterns from different countries flow into the bohemian look.

The boho style must-haves

In our opinion, these garments should not be missing in a boho style wardrobe.

1. Boho maxi skirt

Long, wide and fluttering skirts are part of the Bohemian-Hippie style, like “Amen in church”. The form doesn’t matter here. The main thing is that it has to be colourful and feminine.

However, maxi skirts with tiers and flounces are very typical for the Bohème Style. Skirts that sit on the hips are then usually combined with a wide belt, a scarf or several stale belts in a layering look. The high-waisted hippie skirts are also perfect for crop tops.

And when it comes to shoes, anything is allowed. For example, a casual cowboy boot looks really boho chic with a long hippie skirt. But flat sandals like Birkenstocks also work. Or completely normal lace-up boots that almost every one of us has in our closet. Here, too, rule number 1 applies to the boho style: it has to be comfortable.

Boho maxi skirts in our shop

Therefore, for us, in every collection and every season includes beautiful hippie boho maxi skirts. The skirts flutter nicely and are great to wear, they are mostly made of super soft and light viscose.

2. Cozy boho ponchos

For example, the layered look is very popular in boho fashion. The different tops are worn on top of each other. For example, wear a lace or velvet bra under a fluttering spaghetti strap shirt. And throw on a cardigan or a chic poncho over it. Depending on the weather, a jacket or scarf might be added.

That’s why our ponchos and cardigans have been absolute bestsellers since the beginning of Weltentänzer. Because the cuddly ponchos are very practical and very versatile at any time of the year. Above all, they underline the boho hippie style.

Properly combine a boho poncho

For example, a poncho with long hippie trousers or a skirt can serve as a matching top. Also, it makes a great throw for the layered look mentioned above. Our customers also love the soft ponchos and cardigan as a bikini cover-up for summer or vacation.

And they are also the perfect little “cardigan” at festivals, or overcoats when it gets a little cooler in the evening when partying. And since they don’t weigh much and don’t take up much space in your bag, the Hippie knitted ponchos are also a clear favourite of our customers. Some even buy the poncho in all colours 🙂

3. Maxi dresses

Like maxi skirts, floor-length Dresses are a typical garment in boho style. As an alternative, of course, midi dresses also fit well, if you want to focus more on the shoe for example. Boho maxi dresses are striking, they are feminine and mysterious. Long hippie dresses are also timeless and can be worn in every season. Even in winter.

Boho dresses for autumn and winter have to be combined correctly. With casual and warm boots, warm tights or even skinny jeans. For example, combine a boho maxi dress with a slit with over-the-knee boots that flash through the slit. This look will be seductive and interesting at the same time.

Boho Maxikleid mit Sweetheart Ausschnitt und hohem seitlichen Schlitz Blumenmuster Terrakotta

Characteristic of long boho dresses

The classic bohemian dress includes eye-catching patterns, such as Floral prints, batik pattern, Leo Prints as well as interesting ethno and folklore patterns.

In addition, playful oversize hippie dresses are very characteristic of the boho look. Because these are often combined with large, eye-catching belts.

4. Crop tops are perfect for boho style

The boho style is about loving and accepting your body. So it’s perfectly okay to wear crop tops, even if you’re not blessed with a six-pack. Because cute crop tops are simply a great eye-catcher of bohemian clothing. And if you combine a short top with high-waisted skirts and pants, for example, only the waist is emphasised. The combination of crop top and maxi skirt is very typical for the boho look and is also wonderful at festivals.

This combination is very often found in two-piece dresses in our collections. Because we think that almost every woman can wear it with pride when the set is sophisticated and fits well.

You create the super boho style with the combination of fluttering, in the best Fall High Waisted Maxi Skirts.