The moon around your neck: art and love in every crescent moon necklace

Edle-feine-delikate-Halbmond-Halskette-vergoldet-gold-vermeil-Boho-Schmuck-Silber-Vergoldet-Horn-Anhänger-(1)Boho Halbmond Halsketten Horn Anhänger (1)Our half moon necklace made of silver and mother of pearl is more than just a piece of jewelry. It’s a little lunar adventure full of love and a pinch of Bali magic. Each of these unique pieces of jewelry is created using traditional silver craftsmanship on the magical island of Bali. In the workshop of our talented silversmith Made, each necklace is artfully created in a warm and family atmosphere. In this blog we take you behind the scenes and tell you a little more about the silver craftsmanship of Bali.

Tanah Lot in Bali Sunset

Traditional silver craftsmanship in Bali:

Filigree patterns and artistic details

Boho Horn Kette Halbmond Perlmutt Silber Geschenk für Sie Bohemian Ibiza Schmuck (4)Our half moon necklace is a perfect example of the artistic craftsmanship of Bali. Every detail reflects the precision and love that went into making it. Made creates small masterpieces that are not just jewelry, but also represent the history and culture of Bali. No wonder it is so well received by our customers. Inspired by this success, we have now also designed small hoop earrings with the delicate mother-of-pearl crescent moon pendants to give you the opportunity to wear this magical set as an expression of your own elegance.


Boho chic style

Halbmond-HAlskette-Kleine-Creolen-Ohrringe-Halbmond-Anhänger-Perlmutt-SilberThe half moon necklace is not just jewelry; she is a statement! Their boho-chic design brings the flair of hippie festivals directly to your home. Filigree details and playful shapes make this piece of jewelry a real eye-catcher. And honestly, who can resist a little moon?

Great gift idea for moon lovers

Geschenkverpackung-SchmuckAre you looking for the perfect gift for a moon lover? Tadaaaa! Our half moon necklace is the ticket to every woman’s heart. Whether for Christmas, a birthday or simply as an “I was thinking of you” gift – this necklace not only manages to conjure up smiles, but also awakens the inner moonlight.

The Golden Note

Are you flirting with gold? No problem! Our half moon necklace is also available in a 22 carat gold plated version, for those who love the golden shine. Gold and moon – a combination that is heavenly!

Care tips


To ensure that your half moon necklace always shines like the full moon in the sky, we recommend keeping it away from direct sunlight and chemical substances. Silver jewelry can develop a beautiful patina over time, giving it a vintage look. But if you prefer the shiny look, just wear your necklace regularly – this will keep it fresh! Or you can rub them back to a shiny shine with a silver cleaning cloth.

When it comes to the gold-plated half moon necklace, we always recommend avoiding creams, perfumes and Switzerland so that the necklace stays gold for a long time. You should also take them off when showering or swimming in the sea.

7 years of friendship and silver art from Bali

In our journey through the world of jewelry creations, we are lucky enough to work with a very special artisan in Bali. For 7 years now, we have shared not only a business partnership, but also a deep friendship with Made, a talented silversmith who runs a small jewelry making business with his wife.

Our story began seven years ago when we discovered the breathtaking craftsmanship of Bali. While looking for a talented silversmith, I came across Made and his small workshop, which was bursting with creativity and craftsmanship. Since then we have taken a journey together through the world of jewelry creations.

A family-run craft business

Made and his wife run their small business with dedication and passion. In her workshop in Bali, no mass productions are created, but true works of art that capture the essence of Balinese craftsmanship. Each piece of jewelry is unique and reflects the love and care that went into making it.

Friendship that goes beyond blacksmithing

What started as a business partnership developed into a deep friendship over the years. We not only share ideas and designs, but also stories, laughter and joys of life. Made and his wife are not only craftsmen but also friends who enrich our journey.

The magic of Made’s craft

Made is more than just a silversmith – he is an artist who creates magic with his hands. His ability to transform silver into artistic shapes is impressive. From delicate details to bold designs, he has mastered the art of silversmithing at the highest level.

Insights into the workshop

In recent years we have had the opportunity to visit Made and his wife in their workshop. The sound of hammers, the shine of silver and the creative energy in the air are mesmerizing. The workshop is not only a place of production, but also a space full of inspiration and passion.
The Art of Creating Beauty

Made and his wife not only understand the craft of blacksmithing, but also the art of creating true beauty. Their jewelry tells stories, carries emotions and is an expression of a rich cultural tradition that they share with the world.

The future of friendship and art

The last 7 years have not only been a journey through silversmithing, but also through friendship and cultural exchange. We value working with Made and his wife not only as business partners, but as part of our extended family. The future together promises not only more breathtaking pieces of jewelry, but also a deeper friendship that reaches across continents.