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Discover our hippie sweaters: a timeless statement in your wardrobe

Hippie Kleidung Häkel Top Hoody Pullover Sommerpulli Weltentänzer Berlin OliveBoho Herbst Outfit Hippie Kleid mit PulloverWelcome to our fashion blog, where today we are focusing on an all-round talent – ​​our “hippie sweater”. Join us in the world of relaxed boho style and find out why this sweater is an absolute must-have in your wardrobe.

Hippie sweaters: timeless elegance in boho style

The hippie sweater embodies the free spirit of the 70s and gives every outfit a relaxed elegance. Its loose cut, bright colors and flowing fabrics are characteristic of bohemian chic, which is characterized by individuality and casualness. No matter whether you choose playful floral patterns, psychedelic prints or ethnic designs – the hippie sweater is a statement of self-expression and style.

Roter Herbst Winter Strick Pullover mit Kapuze Boho Hippie Alternative Kleidung Roter Hoodie
Hippie Pullover mit Kapuze in Wollweiß U-Boot Kragen (1)

Versatility in styling and occasions

Boho Chic Style Herbst Winter Polka Dot Maxirock schwarz weiß Boho PulloverHippie Strickpullover mit Kapuze Bronze BraunA big advantage of the hippie sweater is its versatility. Whether you combine it with jeans, leggings or a maxi skirt, it will immediately add a relaxed touch to your look. Wear it casually slung over your shoulder or accentuate your waist with a belt – the possibilities are endless. From a casual look for everyday life to boho chic for festivals or a relaxed weekend trip – the hippie sweater is your loyal companion.

Festival Style Sommerpullover Weltentaenzer Berlin

Hippie sweater: influencer inspirations

Be inspired by the fashion trends of influencers who interpret the hippie sweater in their own way. From casual street style looks to romantic boho combinations – discover new ideas on how to showcase your hippie sweater.

The hippie sweater – more than just clothing

boho-winter-look-rock-strickpullover-schwarzBoho Pullover Outfits Hippie Pullover Off Shoulder Netz Grobstrick Sommerpullover Oliv-Grün (1)The hippie sweater is not just a piece of clothing, but an expression of joy of life, individuality and a conscious lifestyle. Make a statement with this timeless trend and let the hippie spirit move into your wardrobe. No matter whether you wear it casually in everyday life or at a festival – the hippie sweater is a fashion must-have for everyone who wants to go their own way and look good doing it.

Festival Style Hippie Boho Goa Gypsy Style Kapuzenpulli

Style ideas for hippie sweaters: off-shoulder, cropped knit hoodie and boat collar hoodie

Welcome back, dear fashion enthusiasts! Today we are sharing some stylish ideas on how you can wear our unique hippie sweaters in different cuts. Our sweaters are perfect all year round and are handcrafted with love by Wayan, the creative soul behind our collection from Bali. Here are a few tips on how to spice up your hippie sweater:

1. Off-Shoulder Hippie Sweater: Casual elegance

Hippie Pullover Off Shoulder Netz Grobstrick Sommerpullover Oliv-GrünHippie Pullover Strickpulli Damen BeigeWear your off-shoulder hippie sweater with high-waisted jeans, denim shorts or a maxi skirt for a casual-elegant look. The relaxed shoulder freedom adds a subtle seduction to your outfit, perfect for days when you want to feel extra feminine. You can also wear it over a dress, so you don’t show a cold shoulder in the shoulder area, but rather let the pattern of the dress shine through.


Herbst Winter Mode Strickpullover Cold Shoulder Netz Crochet braun Boho Hippie Chic
Hippie crochet sweater Mermaid black

2. Cropped Knit Hoodie: Street style chic

Our cropped knit hoodie is perfect for a cool street style look. Combine it with trendy high-waist jeans or a casual skirt. Wear with sneakers or boots for the ultimate urban chic. The cozy knit fabric makes this hoodie not only stylish, but also comfortable.


3. Boat Neck Hoodie: Casual boho style for every day

Hippie Shop Berlin - Hoodie Hippie StyleHippie Onlineshop Kapuzen Pullover mit U-Boot Ausschnitt Schwarz Herbst WinterThe boat collar hoodie brings a stylish touch to your everyday outfits. Combine it with skinny jeans or leggings for a relaxed look. The chic boat collar gives the hoodie a sophisticated touch that is perfect for various occasions.

Boho Herbst Outfit U-Boot Kragen Pullover Strickwaren

Why our hippie sweaters are perfect all year round

Herbst Pullover Lang RostbraunWeltentänzer Berlin Zitronengelb Pulli Sommer KurzOur sweaters are not only stylish, but also practical. The lightweight material makes them wearable all year round. In spring and summer they are perfect for cool evenings, while in autumn and winter they serve as a cozy layer. The versatility of our hippie sweaters makes them timeless companions for every season.

The secret behind our bestsellers: Wayan, our creative soul

Wayan Knit Wear Fair Trade BaliMade in BaliBehind each of our unique hippie sweaters is Wayan, a talented craftswoman from Bali and my good friend. Since the beginning of our business, she has shaped each collection with passion and skill. Their attention to detail and pursuit of quality make our sweaters real bestsellers.

Easy to care for and cuddly soft: the promise of our sweaters

Boho Herbst Outfit Pullover MaxikleidHippie Crop Hoodie Underboob Shirt Schwarz Goa Style Pullover mit Kapuze (1)

Our hippie sweaters are not only stylish, but also easy to care for. Even after several washes, they remain cuddly soft and retain their shape. This is the secret of our continued success – comfort, quality and the love of craftsmanship.

Discover the unique charm of our hippie sweaters, wear them with pride and experience the comfort that never fades.