About Weltentänzer

I would like to introduce myself and tell you my story that has led me to follow my intuition and to create my own little business.


I was born in Russia and at the age of six I moved to Germany with my mom and my two sisters. My mother, an absolute heroine, managed to combine her career, children and hobbies as a single parent in a foreign country, very impressive!

Ofcourse she did not have too many opportunities to fullfil every wish we had as a child or adolescent, like toys or “cool clothes”. This, in my opinion, was more of a blessing than a curse. I can still remember when my sister and I were playing together in our basement.

We searched through the clothes stored by my mother for suitable materials to sew our dolls stylish clothes, which we had seen in mum´s fashion magazines. Even as teenagers, we went to second-hand stores to chase bargains and we created our own clothes by altering or making something of our own.

Bali my Love

My love for Bali and its wonderful people developed during my time studying there. If you take an example of their positive attitude, despite conditions we can´t even imagine, you will see many things in your life with a completely different eye. However, after my studies,  I accepted a job that made me very unhappy, but gave me security. Every day I was confronted with the thought that’ I can´t live my life like this in the long run’.


The more unwell I felt in this job, the more my desire rose up to go my own way. Despite the associated fears and doubts. Even after three years of “Weltentaenzer Berlin” (World Dancer) some of those fears and doubts have remained, but I have learned how to deal with them.


The love and inspiration I feel in my life, comes from the job I am doing, the beautiful experiences I have and the fact that I accomplished this change in my life with Weltentanzer, such magical feelings.

Fair trade Boho Clothing

What can you expect in our boho style online shop? In our boho style online shop you will also find inspirations and ideas for styling for the perfect festival outfit or the authentic Ibiza & Bohemian look.
We bring you closer to Bali and share our encounters with people, special places and culture with you.

Our Bohemian Festival clothing has been made fair, with time, patience and love from friends from Bali as well as other far away countries. We give you the opportunity to look behind the scenes and to meet the people who helped us to make our hippie & boho clothes into reality.

Spread Love & Wear the Change!

This is our motto! Become part of the movement.
Honest hand made Boho Clothing for honest prices. You know for sure that the producer of this piece of clothing gets the money they deserve. With almost every piece there is a little story about who made with.
Fair trade like its supposed to be…made with love and passion.

Find your favourite bohemian piece in our Boho Style Online Shop

Boho summer dress with flowers
Boho Tunika Kleid Mini Kleid Trompetenärmel