Hippie braided glasses chain beige


Hippie braided glasses chain in boho hippie style. Perfect for festival, holiday or for every day. Federal hipster glasses strap. Handmade in Gili Air, Indonesia.

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Hippie braided glasses chain beige-brown-white

This beautiful boho-hippie style braided glasses chain is made with love by Mohammed of Paradise. And when I say “paradise”, I mean white sandy beaches and turquoise-blue water. Mohammed sells his jewellery on Gili Air, a small island where you won’t see any vehicles other than bicycles and horse-drawn carriages.

Life there is slower and the people radiate an incredible joie de vivre and warmth. Even if the pandemic hit them particularly hard. Because most people on Gili Air live from tourism. They either have a small restaurant, guest accommodation or bar. Or they sell jewellery and souvenirs on the beach. So from one day to the next they had no more income. And people could only dream of state aid. Therefore, they were forced to go fishing and subsist on bare rice with sambal.

Mohammed actually lives with his family on the large neighbouring island “Lombok”. Since tourism has not yet fully recovered there, Mohammed takes the local boat to Gili Air every morning and sells his jewellery there. In a quiet minute, he can be found sitting in a shady spot tinkering with supplies to sell. Among other things, these pretty ethno glasses chains.

I use my glasses strap myself every day and always find it very useful to be able to dangle my glasses around my neck for a moment. In addition, the glasses cord looks very stylish and goes well with my boho-hippie style.

We want to support Mohammed in his business and also give you the opportunity to get a small souvenir from the paradise “Gili Air”. Therefore we offer you a small selection of his glasses cords in our shop. The quantities are therefore very limited.

  • Length: approx. 83 cm
  • Attachment to the glasses: The attachment is a transparent and elastic plastic strap.
  • I do not recommend you for the strap for any glasses with a shaft that is wider than 5 cm.
  • Material: nylon cords / inside there is a small flexible plastic tube.
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