Oversize net crochet cardigan Black “Mermaid”

  • Long black mesh cardigan.
  • The beautiful oversize knitted cardigan with a mesh look feels cozy and soft on the skin and is therefore comfortable to wear.
  • In addition, the midi cardigan is perfect for every season.
  • One size. Suitable for dress sizes 34-42.
  • Made with Love in Bali.

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Product Information


  • Black midi cardigan with a nice mesh look.
  • It also has wide and long sleeves.
  • Additionally it feels cuddly soft on the skin and is comfortable to wear. Even after multiple washes.
  • In addition, the long cardigan can be styled and combined in very different ways: One part – many outfits thanks to different combination options
  • The jacket can also be worn all year round.
  • One size. Suitable for dress sizes 34-42.
  • The knitted cardigan is therefore perfect as a summer jacket or cardigan for autumn and winter.
  • Handmade with Love in Bali.
  • Manufactured in small quantities, depending on the needs of our customers.
  • No mass production.

70% acrylic and 30% polyamide.

  • Size: One Size. Suitable for dress sizes 34-42 (German).
  • For international Sizes, please check size chart below.
  • Total length: approx. 75 cm / length sleeves: approx. 64 cm
  • Model in the picture: 1.72 m tall and wears size 36

Long Black Knit Coat: Elegance in Darkness

The long black knit coat is a timeless and versatile garment that seamlessly combines elegance and warmth. Enveloped in deep black, it exudes an aura of sophistication, becoming an indispensable companion in the wardrobe for the colder months.

The deep, impenetrable color of the black knit coat gives it universal adaptability, effortlessly integrating into various style directions. Whether casual, chic, or formal, the long black knit coat is a fashion chameleon that adapts to any occasion.

The length of the coat not only imparts a luxurious aesthetic but also provides practical warmth. Often reaching ankle-length or beyond, it offers an additional protective layer against the cold. The long cut creates a flattering silhouette, adding a touch of elegance to the wearer.

The versatility of the long black knit coat is evident in its ability to transition from a casual everyday look to a sophisticated evening ensemble. Paired with jeans and boots, it becomes the ideal companion for a relaxed city stroll. Simultaneously, it can be worn over an evening dress to add a touch of glamour and warmth.

The knit artistry and texture of the coat contribute to its fascination. From fine knit patterns to coarser textures, the black knit coat can embody various styles. The choice of high-quality materials ensures not only a comfortable wearing experience but also durability and timeless elegance.

Black is not just a color; it is a statement. The long black knit coat embodies class, style, and a certain mysterious allure. It is more than just a garment; it is a declaration that darkness and elegance can go hand in hand.

In a world that is constantly changing, the long black knit coat remains a symbol of timeless fashion. It serves as a reminder that elegance is not bound by trends but can be found in the timeless beauty of classic pieces like this one.

size chart
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Hand wash cold, as this material may shrink slightly. Not suitable for the dryer.
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Oversize Strick Cardigan Midi Netz Cardigan schwarz

Meet Wayan, the producer of this product

I discovered the beautiful “Mermaid” cardigan in Wayan’s little shop. Which is located in the south of Bali and is about 2 hours away from home and her family.

But she enjoys a happy family life with her loved ones when she goes home for ceremonies and Balinese holidays.


On normal days she will welcome you in her shop with a pretty little smile. And her little son keeps her company every day.

Wayan´s small shop is made up of a nice selection of knitwear, such as scarves, sweaters and cardigans. However, I was most impressed by the reticulated nature of the ponchos and sweaters. Since they are reminiscent of a fishing net, I gave these little treasures the name “Mermaid”. Since the first time I have started working with Wayan, we became good friends.