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produkt bild Boho Wickelbluse mit Glockenärmel produkt bild Boho Wickelbluse mit Glockenärmel

Wrap top trumpet sleeve terracotta “Bali Bohème”


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produkt bild Damen-Abendkleid-asymmetrisch-Meerjungfrau-Trompeten-Petrol produkt bild Damen-Abendkleid-asymmetrisch-Meerjungfrau-Trompeten-Petrol

Wrap skirt bottle green “Sweet Fantasy”

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produkt bild Rückenfreies-Top-mit-Spaghettiträgern-Tie-Back-Top produkt bild Rückenfreies-Top-mit-Spaghettiträgern-Tie-Back-Top

Summer top bottle green “Sweet Fantasy”

Original price was: €53,00.Current price is: €30,00.

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Welcome to our online shop, where we bring you an exquisite collection of fair-produced women’s dresses, handmade with love in Bali. Each dress in our collection has been meticulously designed by the talented Jenny Akulenko and brought to life by skilled artisans in Bali. With years of collaboration with our small team of tailors, we take pride in offering you dresses that are not only beautiful but also ethically crafted.

Maxidresses: Indulge in the elegance and grace of our maxidresses. These floor-length wonders exude timeless charm and are perfect for both casual outings and special occasions. Made from natural materials such as muslin cotton, linen, and viscose, these dresses are a testament to the beauty of sustainable fashion. Their adjustable designs ensure a comfortable fit that flatters various body types, making them forgiving and versatile companions for every stage of life.

Floral Summer Dresses: Capture the essence of summer with our floral dresses. Vibrant colors and blooming patterns adorn these breezy garments, bringing a touch of nature to your wardrobe. Crafted with care from organic fabrics, these summer dresses are light, breathable, and gentle against your skin. Embrace the warm rays of the sun while radiating effortless style and eco-consciousness.

Beach Mini Dresses: Dive into beachside bliss with our collection of mini dresses. Designed to embrace the carefree spirit of the shoreline, these dresses combine comfort and style. Handmade using natural textiles, they provide a light and airy feel, allowing you to move freely and enjoy the ocean breeze. Let your inner beach babe shine with these adorable and sustainable beach mini dresses.

Wrap Dresses: Discover the allure of our wrap dresses, a perfect blend of sophistication and versatility. Wrap yourself in the softness of muslin cotton, linen, or viscose, as these dresses gracefully drape and flatter your figure. Whether you’re attending a garden party or stepping into the office, these timeless classics ensure you make a lasting impression while advocating for fair and ethical fashion.

Two Piece Dresses: Make a fashion statement with our two-piece dresses. These ensembles offer a creative twist on traditional dress designs, allowing you to mix and match tops and bottoms for a personalized look. Handcrafted with love, these dresses boast the same attention to detail and commitment to sustainability found throughout our collection. Stand out from the crowd with a touch of individuality and conscious style.

Plus Size Dresses: We believe that every body deserves to be celebrated. That’s why we offer a range of plus-size dresses that are designed to enhance your natural beauty and provide a comfortable fit. Created with the same premium materials and attention to detail as our regular sizes, these dresses ensure that you feel confident and empowered, no matter your shape or size.

Matching Kids Dresses: Extend the joy of sustainable fashion to the little ones with our matching kids dresses. Crafted with the utmost care and attention, these adorable garments let you and your child express your love for fashion while promoting ethical values. Explore the world together in style and leave a positive impact on the environment for future generations.

At our online shop, we strive to bring you not only fashionable and high-quality dresses but also a conscious shopping experience. We invite you to explore our collection of fair-produced women’s dresses, knowing that each piece has been crafted with love, respect for the planet, and a commitment to empowering artisans. Embrace the beauty of Bali, handmade for you.

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