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Sarongs from Bali. They serve wonderfully as a headscarf, turban, scarf and beach towel.

However, sarongs have a different use in Bali. Because in Bali the Hindu belief “Agama Hindu Dharma” plays a decisive role and shapes the everyday life of the Balinese.

Anyone who has ever vacationed there will have noticed the numerous small baskets that decorate Bali’s streets. The small bowls woven from palm leaves, filled with flowers, rice and sometimes even small change, sweets, crackers or cigarettes are offerings.

There are more temples than houses on the “Island of 1,000 Temples”. Even private homes have at least one temple where the Balinese offer the small offerings daily. These serve the purpose of making the gods kind and soothing the evil demons. They pray for protection and health for the family and a good harvest.

Of course, traditional clothing is worn during the offering, such as the sarong. It is also a duty and custom when entering the temple complex or during ceremonies. In the meantime, it has become a fashionable accessory and is offered in different colors and fabrics.

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