Off the shoulder maxi dress with long bell sleeves “Good Karma” Dusty Blue


Off-shoulder hippie maxi dress with long bell sleeves and high slit on the side.

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Off the shoulder maxi dress with long bell sleeves “Good Karma” purple

  • Maxi dress with open shoulders and long bell sleeves.
  • Long off the shoulder dress with elastic upper part (bodice).
  • Hippie maxi dress with straight cut and sexy slit on the side.
  • Made of very light and soft rayon.
  • The cut gives you a beautiful feminine silhouette.
  • Handmade with Love in Bali.

Meet Umi, the tailor of this product

The talented Umi helped me translate my vision of this beautiful product into reality. Umi is a very experienced tailor with a good eye for quality and perfection.

Before she started her own little family business, she was was working as a tailor in a big garment industry. She told me that she was working 13 hours a day  and barely saw the sun light.

Since her family grew bigger and she become a mother she wanted to spend the time with her family and that’s why she had to leave the company.

But without her working the family couldn’t effort the living costs. And that is why she had to create a job where she’s able to take care of the kids and family business and making money at the same time.

And that is how she has started her own business. As a muslim woman she created beautifully modern and stylish hijabs and sold them in her own shop in Bali.For three years now, she has had a perfect grip on both her family and her own business: While she is working on the sewing machine and is preparing dinner at the same time, her husband helps her to cut the next patterns and her two boys are playing football outside.

We both were living in the same neighbourhood and that is how we met. Since then we also became friends and business partner.