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produkt bild Damen-Abendkleid-asymmetrisch-Meerjungfrau-Trompeten-Petrol produkt bild Damen-Abendkleid-asymmetrisch-Meerjungfrau-Trompeten-Petrol

Wrap skirt bottle green “Sweet Fantasy”

Original price was: €70,00.Current price is: €49,00.
produkt bild Rückenfreies-Top-mit-Spaghettiträgern-Tie-Back-Top produkt bild Rückenfreies-Top-mit-Spaghettiträgern-Tie-Back-Top

Summer top bottle green “Sweet Fantasy”

Original price was: €53,00.Current price is: €30,00.
produkt bild Casual-Loose-Off-Shoulder-Top-Muslin-Cotton-Cream-White produkt bild Casual-Loose-Off-Shoulder-Top-Muslin-Cotton-Cream-White

Loose off shoulder top white “Shanti”

Original price was: €45,00.Current price is: €35,00.

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Our Boho Dresses: Unleash the Spirit of Fair Fashion!

Boho summer dresses floral printWelcome to our Fair Fashion Online Shop, where the enchantment of Bohemian style comes to life in a sustainable way. Our “Boho Dresses” category pays homage to the free spirit and natural beauty captured in every detail of our garments.

Diversity of Boho Dresses:

Boho Maxi Dresses:

Embodying the ease and comfort of the Boho look, our maxi dresses, crafted from flowing materials like viscose and rayon, not only offer a pleasant wearing experience but also make a statement of style and elegance.

Boho Midi Dresses:

Berlin urban hipster style boho dresses womenPerfect for a touch of playfulness, our midi dresses feature floral patterns and oriental paisley prints, adding a romantic touch to any occasion.

Boho Two-Piece Dresses:

Our two-piece Boho dresses offer the opportunity to create your own style. Combine tops and skirts in different designs to craft a unique look.

Boho Mini Dresses:

The mini dresses in our collection embody freedom and self-expression. Perfect for sunny days, they reflect the untamed beauty of nature.

Fairness and Uniqueness:

Our Boho dresses are produced in small quantities on Bali, ensuring each piece is unique. This limited production allows us to guarantee the highest quality and attention to detail. The use of sustainable materials like cotton not only supports the environment but also ensures a comfortable wearing experience.

The Spirit of Bali:

The Edge BaliThe colors, patterns, and designs of our dresses reflect the unique spirit of Bali. From wild animal prints to vibrant floral patterns, each dress tells a story and lets you feel the charm of the island.

Your Contribution to Sustainability:

By choosing one of our Boho dresses, you contribute not only to a sustainable lifestyle but also support fair working conditions in Bali. Each dress is a statement of individuality and responsibility.

Discover the magic of Bohemian style in our Boho Dresses collection and become part of the movement for Fair Fashion. Your dress, your style, your responsibility!

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