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7 Ibiza dresses in boho style for the summer

The most beautiful Ibiza dresses in boho style for the summer: In this style blog we show you some summery looks in Ibiza style. We have put together a selection of our favourite Ibiza dresses for you. Here we give you unique style inspirations, which accessories and hippie jewellery you can combine with your summer Ibiza look. We also get to the bottom of the Ibiza hippie movement and the development of the magical islands.


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What is Ibiza Style?

The Ibiza style can be described as a summery, elegant, but playful and above all comfortable hippie and boho style. In Ibiza fashion, the hippie era of the 1960s is mixed with a touch of today’s luxury lifestyle. The Ibiza style gave birth to the term “Boho Chic”. Boho chic fashion in the Ibiza style is all about light, delicate, flowing and natural fabrics. For example viscose, silk, linen or cotton. Colourful ethno and floral patterns with fringes and bobbles are part of it. Above all, however, white Ibiza dresses are very typical of the island’s Mediterranean hippie style.

Ibiza fashion is also about lightness and freedom of movement with a touch of extravagance. The Ibiza look is airy, casual and exudes a summery lightness. At the same time, however, it is noble and feminine. Therefore, most Ibiza dresses flatter almost every figure.

Hippie movement of the magical island of Ibiza

In the 1960s, social “dropouts” from Europe and young men from the states who wanted to escape the Vietnam War settled on the then very unknown and unnoticed Spanish island.

Gradually, the hippie island became more and more popular with like-minded hippies. At that time, the old hippies could still buy their fincas in the country for very little money. And also lived with several people in communes.

The hippies lived quiet lives, and at the same time they balanced their quietness with wild, excessive parties, where people used drugs and played drums at sunset. Peace and freedom was celebrated with heart and soul by the Ibiza hippies.

Party Island Ibiza: Sex, Drugs and Techno Music

The flair and the famous motto “Peace, Love & Party” attracted more tourists and this is how the Balearic island of hippie and sun children developed into the party island that we know today.

The hippie outdoor parties gave rise to exclusive nightclubs and beach bars, which in turn attracted luxury tourism. And so you see today that the hippies celebrate next to each other on the beach and share a sangria next to rich business people who want to feel free on vacation.

Ibiza – A dream vacation spot

The breathtaking nature of Ibiza, such as the beautiful white sandy beaches with turquoise-blue water, the typical rocky mountains, as well as the figs, olives and pine trees make the island a unique holiday paradise. The delicious Mediterranean food in the fine restaurants and the sunset bars, in front of which artists of all kinds and from all over the world spread their magic, give unforgettable moments.

The well-known hippie markets are at the top of the to-do list. There you can find handmade hippie clothing and jewellery. You will also meet old hippies who sell their interesting art of all kinds. No matter what you plan to do in Ibiza, the ambience is always special and cannot be compared with anything.

What to wear on Ibiza vacation

Ibiza Kleider im Boho Style für den Sommer Zweiteiliges Maxkleid im Boho Stil Retor HippieAnd now we come to our style inspirations for a fancy Ibiza summer look. We thought about which looks reflect the Ibiza flair. Boho chic outfits that are summery, comfortable and airy. And which can be easily combined with each other and go with many activities on vacation.

#1 Boho style white Ibiza dresses for summer

Due to the typical Mediterranean architecture in white and natural style, the colour white is also associated with the typical Ibiza style in fashion. One has in mind flowing white Ibiza dresses in boho style with lace or crochet trimmings. Paired with a chic straw hat, basket bag and oversized sunglasses.

White hippie maxi dresses are elegant and go so well with the free and fun-loving Ibiza lifestyle.

Golden jewellery in boho style looks particularly nice with white boho dresses in Ibiza style. The colours white and gold just go perfectly together. And both colours are just magical on sun-kissed skin.

If you prefer something simpler, you can also choose wonderfully natural jewellery, such as wood or shell jewellery.

#2 Colorful hippie dresses

Where else are colourful summer looks allowed if not on the hippie island? Because with a little colour in your outfit, you embody pure joie de vivre. All bright colours such as yellow, orange, turquoise, coral red or pink can be worn here and even combined with each other. Why not wear a pink dress with turquoise jewellery?

A bright summer hippie dress looks summery, fresh and youthful. And also emphasises the complexion kissed by the sun. A colourful summer dress is also a nice alternative to the white Ibiza dresses in boho chic style. It’s nice when you can be so changeable in your looks on vacation.

Combine it with your colourful summer dress, for example, with large statement earrings or wear flowers in your hair that match the color. For example, reflect that of the dress through the jewellery or complement it with harmonising colours. Color breaks in style, such as the combination of pink with red or orange, are now allowed and simply scream for summer fun.

We can only motivate you to be a little more courageous with colour. Believe me!! Worth it 🙂

#3 Ibiza style hippie maxi dresses

Long women’s dresses in the Ibiza style embody the hippie look of the 60s and 70s like no other piece of clothing. Because maxi dresses and maxi skirts are very characteristic of the boho chic style. The floor-length hippie dresses can be wildly patterned or simply plain. If the accessories in the layered look are not missing, everything is fine.

Because the many chains and bracelets should not be missing with any summer style in a long dress or skirt. A beautiful triangular scarf, for example, goes well with the styling. This gives the boho look even more of a summery touch.

Or you go for XXL statement earrings instead of necklaces and bracelets. There’s nothing wrong with that either, and it’s certainly allowed.

Boho Zweiteiler Kleid Maxi Blumenmuster Sommer Ibiza Style

#4 tunic dresses for the Ibiza vacation

Wide and airy tunic dresses look casual and playful. They are also suitable for every figure type. They can be combined chic as well as casual.

Tunics go well with flat slippers, rocking boho boots or even classy high heels. A tunic can be used as a bikini cover-up, but it also looks great as a long top combined with jeans or leggings.

And the best thing is that you can even wear a tunic in autumn or winter. For example with jeans and an oversize cardigan. Or simply with warm thermal tights underneath and high over-the-knee boots.

Tunika Hippie Kleid Trompetenärmel Weltentänzer Berlin

#5 Short summer dresses in Ibiza hippie style

Oh yes, short Ibiza dresses in boho style are a must for your summer vacation. Two favourite clothes that are changeable and can be combined with many other items of clothing in your closet or suitcase are enough. It is best to have a mini dress that is both suitable for everyday use and for the evening.

Our colourful hippie summer dresses are made from such a light viscose that they are perfect for an Ibiza vacation. You can also wear them for a walk on the beach, stylishly combine them with boots for the sunset at Café del Mar or elegant and sexy for a romantic dinner with a view of the sea.

Short summer dress yellow boteh pattern cut out dress backless
Kurzes Sommerkleid Polka Dor Rot Minikleid Lolita Kleid

#6 Tie Dye Hippie Dresses

When you think of the hippie girls of the 70s, the colourful batik fashion naturally springs to mind. And so batik dresses are also indispensable in Ibiza fashion. Batik clothing is, so to speak, an integral part of Ibiza hippie fashion.

Especially the batik mix blue with white is beautifully summery and maritime. White accessories, shoes, cardigans and jackets go well with this.

And once you’ve discovered the boho style for yourself, you don’t need to worry that the batik patterns are out of fashion.
Because the batik print will always be with us. And it has been since the 1960s.

Off Shoulder Strand Kleid Batik

Batik Kleid zweiteilig Sommer Boho Hippie Style
Boho Sommerkleid Batik zweiteilig Ibiza Hochzeitsgast elegant
Boho Maxirock Batik schwarz Weiß Rauchmuster

#7 Hippie dresses with flowers

“Flower Power” is of course still lived on the so-called “Island of the Flower Children”. Blümchen dresses of any kind can be worn here.
And especially with the Ibiza boho-chic look, it can sometimes be extravagant when choosing a dress. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

Floral dresses exude joie de vivre, summer hippie vibes and have a girly touch.

They can be worn wonderfully with flip flops, simple Birkenstock slippers or wedge heels. Boots also go well with floral dresses. Depending on whether you want a summer beach look or whether you prefer to go for a stroll through town, you can choose your shoes for your floral dress.


Minikleid mit langen Trompetenärmeln Senf-Gelb Here Comes the Sun Boho Wickelkleider