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The Most Beautiful Dresses for Wedding Guests of a Summer Boho Wedding

I would like to introduce you to different boho dresses for a wedding guests inspiration with our beautiful boho collection in this fashion blog.
Maybe you are just looking for the right bridesmaid dress or an elegant boho dress for the upcoming weddings in summer. And so you came across this fashion blog that maybe has the right wedding guest dress in our collection already.

As a guest at a wedding – What to wear?

As a wedding guest at a summer boho wedding, you have to adapt the outfit to the wedding location. For example, if the wedding is held in a noble hotel or event room, it is best to choose an elegant and chic evening dress. Should the wedding celebration take place in a garden, for example, then a summer and fairy-like lady’s dress also fits the ambiance.

And if there should be a motto for the wedding, then that is of course taken into account.

Damen Sommer Kleid Boho Chic Brautjungfernkleid casual

Boho wedding guest dress for a casual garden or beach wedding

Wedding Guest Dress #1: Summer Dresses with Floral Prints

If the wedding couple decides to celebrate their wedding ceremony in a family environment, such as in the garden, boat, or even their own home. Then boho dresses are suitable for wedding guests who are more chic-casual. Therefore, light floral dresses are a suitable choice.

However, floral patterns can also be worn for fancier wedding events. The pattern and color are what matter.
Moreover, you can also wear fresh or dried flowers in your hair with a floral summer dress to give the whole look a hippie chic flower girl style.

And if you want to take the boho summer wedding look one step further, get a matching geisha parasol from the Asia store.

Dame trägt Boho Kleid als Hochzeitsgast mit Sweetheart Ausschnitt Blumenmuster weiß und einen Geisha-Sonnenschirm

Boho Damen Trägerkleid Blumenmuster Olivgrün Sommer (3) Ruffled neckline floral dress narrow spaghetti straps
Leichtes Sommer Maxikleid Weiß Blumenmuster Elegant Boho Zweiteiler Kleid Maxi Blumenmuster Sommer Ibiza Style
Hippie Chic Maxikleid Blumenmuster Grün Sommer Boho maxi dress with slit and low back neckline Summer dress with flowers Summer dress Backless

Outfit Inspo for Boho Wedding Guest #2: Maxi Dresses

Long dresses are chic and elegant and are therefore the dress code par excellence when you appear as a guest at a wedding.

Here, flat shoes can also be worn confidently, so that you can still dance through until dawn.
When choosing a maxi dress, there are different options. Depending on the ambiance or theme of the celebration.
So you can wear a festive, floor-length evening dress or a summery bohemian maxi dress.

Long dresses just always look elegant and sexy.


#3: Wedding Guests Wrap Dresses

Should the wedding to which you are invited turn out even more simple, or for example, merely held in the registry office.

Then you can reach for a festive wrap dress. The advantage is that you can continue to wear the dress in everyday life.

Depending on the weather and festival location, you can either fall back on an elegant maxi wrap dress or a beautiful mini dress to wrap.
You can of course spice up this outfit idea quite a bit with jewelry. For example, you can wear big creole earrings or a striking boho necklace.

Boho Wickelkleid Blumenmuster (2)

#4: Two-piece Boho Dresses as Wedding Guest Outfits

Two-piece dresses are interesting, eye-catching, and sexy. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, this might be an outfit for you for the next wedding.

The dress combos can actually be worn by any body type. Because they come in a wide variety of cuts.
In our store, we have two different cuts that focus on different body parts. For, example, the backless dress set “Sweet Fantasy” emphasizes the back, as well as the legs. The “Once upon a time” Two-Piece dress rather emphasizes the shoulders and the waist.

And depending on the wedding theme or event location, either floral prints or festive solid colors are chosen.

Frau präsentiert zweiteiliges Boho Kleid als Hochzeitsgast

Boho Two-Piece Dress Polka Dot Red White (1) Elegantes Boho Kleid zweiteilig
Batik Kleid zweiteilig Sommer Boho Hippie Style 70er Jahre Zweiteiler Kleid Senfgelb

Elegant boho dresses for wedding guests of a festive wedding

#5: The Spaghetti Strap Boho Dresses for Wedding Guests

Especially if you are invited to a summer wedding, a light summer dress with fine straps will go well with the celebration. Because spaghetti strap dresses look sexy and elegant.

Besides, the cocktail dresses with thin straps can also be combined well with a blazer or light throw.
The beautiful “Little Romance” midi strap dresses from our new summer collection are therefore really good as a wedding guest dress for a summer wedding celebration. The colors that fit best are bottle green, dusty mint green, light brown, terracotta, or taupe. However, the black strap dress with a floral pattern is also very suitable.

The ankle-length dress can be combined with both high heels and flats.

Trägerkleid mit Volant Tiefer Rücken Ausschnitt Dusty Purple-01

Boho Party Kleid schwarz Sommer

#6: The Small Black always fits as an Outfit for a Wedding

Whether you can wear black boho dresses as a wedding guest to the wedding? But of course!
Because black is no longer just the color of mourning.

In my opinion, black dresses are classic, elegant and so versatile to combine.
Actually, all colors of jewelry and accessories can be combined with it. Almost everything is allowed.

The color black actually suits almost everyone and a black women’s dress immediately looks a bit fancier because of the color.

Elegantes Trägerkleid knöchellänge schwarz

Boho dress wedding guest idea #7: Dresses in beautiful shades of green, like bottle green or mint green!

It is also said that “green is the color of hope”. So boho dresses for wedding guests in the color green also have a beautiful message to deliver to the bride and groom.

In addition, green dresses look elegant and festive. For example, the color mint fits super also as a bridesmaid dress. But also for a wedding celebration during the day.

For the evening you can pick a darker color, for example bottle green. You can also try to change something with the jewellery and shoe choice and combine it with other shades of green or gold and silver.

Damen Sommer Kleid Maxi Dunkelgrün Flaschengrün Tannengrün

Damenkleid Trägern und elastischem Oberteil Volant-01
Boho Top Rückenfrei zum Binden Flaschengrün
Boho summer dress long dark green wrap dress bottle green

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