Beautiful wedding guest outfits in boho style

Every spring and summer, the wedding season is on and the wedding invitations flutter into your home. So when you’re invited to a wedding, the outfit question naturally arises. Often the wedding couple will give a certain dress code.
We are dealing with the boho wedding in this fashion blog. And give you outfit inspiration for the perfect wedding guest outfit in boho style.

Growing trend: boho style wedding

Recently, you can see many couples who are turning away from the classic wedding style and would much rather celebrate an unconventional bohemian style wedding.
In other words, the trend towards a boho wedding is increasing.

And with good reason, because this way the wedding couple can reveal their individual personality in a simple but romantic style.

Invited to the boho wedding – what to wear?

If you are invited to a boho style weddingwedding guests are often asked to dress in bohemian style.
For the perfect wedding guest outfit, choose the best romantic and nostalgic looking clothing. Just like floral patterns, fine and flowing fabrics and flowers in the hair are at the forefront.

We show you our elegant boho summer dresses that would be great for a romantic bohemian style wedding.

#1. Beautiful wedding guest outfit in blue

Because this light blue of this flower maxi dress is simply a great summer color and therefore super nice for a summer wedding.

Second, the enchanting floral pattern of the dress rounds off a beautiful wedding guest outfit in boho style.
In addition, it is somewhat backless at the back and thus gives another eye-catcher.

Here is the choice of the right shoe according to your preferences. Because both a light summer sandal and high heels can be worn.

Boho maxi dress blue floral pattern backless
Boho Maxi Dress Blue Floral Pattern Open on the side
Boho maxi dress blue floral pattern boho summer dress

#2. Wedding guest dress

Our “Soulsister” maxi dress in the warm color brown is also a nice wedding guest outfit. While the blue variant is more colorful and summery, this dress looks a bit more muted and a little bit simpler.

The best thing to combine here is gold or gold-colored jewelry.

By the way, I recommend wearing a high hairstyle or wearing the hair to one side. Because the beautiful back cut-out simply has to be emphasized.

Boho Style Dress for summer
Boho summer dress flowers

Outfit Inspo #3: The simple boho dress in bottle green

For everyone who prefers something a little simpler. I recommend our beautiful bottle green wrap dresses “Frieda & the Moon” and “Loving you is easy” highly recommend. Because they are very elegant, but a bit more muted. However, you can “pimp” the outfit with flowers in your hair or beautiful gold jewelry, for example.

In addition, the boho dresses in the beautiful color bottle green are also great as bridesmaid dresses.

Boho summer dress long dark green wrap dress bottle green
Boho Summer Elegant Wrap Dress long Flounce bottle Green
Boho Summer Elegant Wrap Dress long Flounce bottle Green

Outfit Inspo #4: Beautiful Wedding Guest Outfits in Polka Dot

Furthermore, our polka dot dresses a beautiful outfit choice for a casual boho summer wedding in the garden. You have the choice between the long wrap dress with short butterfly sleeves and the two-piece dress. Both dress variants are elegant and wonderfully summery. However, not too chic. With the point dresses, it doesn’t matter whether you choose high heels or comfortable summer sandals as footwear.

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Blue Summer dress Off Shoulder Polka Dot Print
Elegant polka dot maxi dress, long two-piece dress
Polka Dot Maxi Kleid Maxikleid Rot Punktekleid Kleid lang gepunktet

Outfit Inspo #5: Elegant floral dress in black as a wedding guest outfit

Boho Wickelkleid Blumenmuster (4)