Boho jewellery handmade in Bali

Our beautiful Boho jewellery from Bali is made by hand with love.

Why Bali is such a popular vacation spot is of course because of its beautiful beaches, tropical nature and unique spiritual Culture. Especially spiritual people or people looking for healing or the meaning of life will find what they are looking for.

But Bali has much more to offer. Because the Hindu Indonesian island also has a special artistic streak. Here you will find a unique wood craft, an elaborate stonemasonry and special oil paintings. And also the silver handicraft has been a tradition in Bali for centuries.

Even today, silver jewellery is made in Bali in a traditional way. Mainly recycled silver is used for this. That’s why the beautiful Bali silver jewellery should not be missing in our Boho Shop.


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Moonstone Jewellery

Very characteristic of the magical moonstone is clearly the milky transparent appearance and the blue shimmer when you hold the gemstone up to the light. The shimmer gives the moonstone, similar to the opal, a mysterious effect. Since the blue radiant facets are reminiscent of the moonlight, the moonstone owes its name to this. Especially for people who feel very connected to the moon and plan their life according to the lunar calendar, are big fans of moonstone jewellery due to its resemblance to the moon. Or carry moonstone with them in the form of a gemstone.

Spiritual meaning of the moonstone

In spiritual belief, the stone is said to have a positive influence on intuition, self-confidence and the emotional world. In addition, it should help to overcome sleep disorders and to achieve beautiful dreams as well as to be able to remember your dreams better. Or when there is a full moon, lucid dreams are easier to achieve.

Moonstone as a healing stone

In the esoteric, the moonstone is even used as a healing stone. It is said to have a positive effect on the female sexual organs and is even referred to in some cultures as the “stone of women”. The myth says that it should help to regulate the female hormone balance and thus promote fertility. The moonstone is also said to be used to alleviate severe menstrual cramps.

Boho Ring Moonstone Gemstone Witchy Boho Hippie Jewelry Ibiza Style-01Esoteric care tips of the moonstone

According to esoteric beliefs, after some time the moonstone has to be cleaned and charged again. To clean, hold the stone under running, lukewarm water. In order to then discharge the moonstone, it is best to place it in a glass bowl with a hematite stone. And to recharge, place the moonstone in the full moon light.

Moonstone birthstone: June

The moonstone is assigned as a birthstone to all those born in June.

Zodiac sign Moonstone: Cancer, Pisces, Aquarius, Sagittarius

Our bestseller in our boho jewellery collection: the moonstone necklace “Triple Moon Goddess”

Dreifach Mond Göttin Halskette Boho Mond Halskette Mondstein Silber Vergoldet Witchy HalsketteOur unique and high-quality moon necklace with the coin pendant on the one Triple Moon Goddess Symbol has proven to be our customers’ favourite piece of jewellery. That’s why we offer the Moonstone Necklace in 925 silver and 22 carat gold-plated 925 silver.

Since it is very popular with Boho Style lovers and our Witchy Style Girls, the moon coin chain belongs in our Boho Jewellery Collection. And since the moonstone necklace is so popular, we now also offer this mystical pendant with small hoop earrings.

Moon Jewellery

The moon also has a special meaning in Bali. Special ceremonies are held here on the full moon and new moon. For the Balinese, the new moon always means a new beginning and ceremonies held on the full moon have an even stronger effect. So believe the Balinese.

And since Weltentänzer Berlin is completely shaped by the culture of Bali, we also have many moon elements in our boho jewellery. We have small moon studs, moon rings and moon necklaces in our collection.

Handmade boho jewellery from Bali