Looking for boho maternity wear? In this fashion blog we show you how you can dress in boho style during your pregnancy. And all of this without having to buy extra maternity clothing!

Boho Style Schwangerschaftskleid Blumenmuster

Why buy maternity clothes when you can actually just wear “smart clothes”?

Since I am currently pregnant myself and of course I am very interested in the topic of boho clothing during pregnancy. So I wanted to share my findings with you in this fashion inspo blog.

Because when I rummaged through the virtual maternity wear shops myself, I noticed that the clothes didn’t match my style at all. Rather, it is more bider and a bit boring. As a mom-to-be, why should I suddenly no longer stay true to my style?

In addition, I haven’t found any nice boho dresses that I like and where I would get my baby bump.

So I went through my Weltentänzer Berlin collection and my own wardrobe and made the wonderful discovery that my own boho collection is actually also suitable as pregnancy or maternity wear.

(No) pregnancy fashion that grows with you


Isn’t it nice and, above all, more sustainable if you can wear your favorite clothes before, during and after pregnancy?


For example with clever clothing that “grows with your belly”. Which you can easily adapt to your own body and baby bump through the design and little tricks.


For example, wrap dresses are just great for this. But I would like to go into more detail in the individual pregnancy fashion tips.


I hope you enjoy my styling inspirations on the subject of nursing and pregnancy fashion.

Retro 70er Jahre Hippie Kleid Wickelkleid Glockenärmel Babybauch

Boho maternity clothes
Styling tip # 1

First, I would like to introduce you to our wonderful wrap dress “Boho Dreams”. Which we have added to our hippie collection this year.
By the way, it is made from a wonderfully soft and very light viscose fabric. So that the long-sleeved dress feels so cuddly soft on the skin and offers great comfort. Most of all, you don’t want to take it off anymore.

It is also really nice to wear in both summer and autumn. For example, I wear the dress in autumn with cozy, warm tights and my favourite boots. Depending on which cardigan I want to wear with it, I adjust the shoes and tights to match.

The colors gray, black or brown with the combination of olive green go best with this hippie dress. But wool white also looks beautiful autumnal and the color is just perfect.

Boho Style Kleid Ibiza Look
Hippie Wickelkleid Trompetenärmel
Retro 70er Jahre Hippie Kleid Wickelkleid Glockenärmel Babybauch
Retro 70er Jahre Hippie Kleid Wickelkleid Glockenärmel Babybauch (1)
Retro 70er Jahre Hippie Kleid Wickelkleid Glockenärmel Babybauch

Retro 70er Jahre Hippie Kleid Wickelkleid Glockenärmel Babybauch

And yes, the baby bump also fits in very well. Rather, the dress with the great trumpet sleeves even makes a super cute pregnancy figure. Because it is nicely tailored in the middle and also has a nice cleavage. Thus, all female advantages during pregnancy are beautifully emphasized.

We have the dress in sizes S / M and M / L. So the dress definitely has some leeway to “grow with you”.

Depending on which dress size you normally wear, you can choose the smaller or larger dress size variant here.

By the way, you can also wear the dress in retro 70s style as a nursing dress after pregnancy. Because the neckline is very elastic due to the winding technique and can simply be pushed to the side.

You can also wear an under-top under the dress if the neckline is too deep for some occasions. Again, I would match the color with the color of the tights.

Boho Schwangerschaftskleid Herbst Winter Stilkleid Stillmode Boho dress dark blue floral pattern Ibiza bohemian midi dress
Boho Kleid Herbst Winter Babybauch Boho Umstandsmode Boho Blumenkleid Herbst Winter Boho Umstands Outfit
Boho Herbst Outfit für Schwangere Boho Umstandsmode Hippie Mama

Boho Mama Hippie Umstandsmode Schwangerschaftskleidung

Boho mom outfit
Styling tip # 3

Likewise, our boho autumn maxi dress “Shot by Love” is a standard size and usually fits the dress sizes 34-40. Because it can also be adjusted to the body with a drawstring at the waist. And thus of course also on a baby bump.

Here, however, the boho maternity wear styling tip only works if you had a size of approx. 34-36 before pregnancy. Because then the dress still has some leeway to spread out towards the front.

I am now in the 24th week of pregnancy and I think that I can definitely wear it up to the 30th week of pregnancy without any problems.

What I also like about the cut is that it usually cuts a slim figure and emphasizes the baby bump nicely.

Because with baggy clothes, the baby bump quickly makes you look bigger all over your body than you actually are. That’s why I think it’s nice when you wear figure-hugging clothing during pregnancy.

Boho Schwangerschaftskleidung Hippie Style Boho Mama Kleidung Umstandsmode und Schwangerschaftskleidung
Hippie Mama Outfit Schwangerschaft HErbst Boho Style Mama Kleidung für den Herbst
Boho Famenkleid Maxi Herbst Winter Bohemian Maxikleid Batik Muster Hippie Style

Boho Hippie Kleid Schwangerschaft

Boho pregnancy look
Styling tip #4

This hippie-chic outfit is one of my boho maternity wear favorites. Because the wide-cut dress is just very cozy, but still stylish.

Since the short boho dress has a babydoll cut, it is tapered a bit directly below the chest and is then cut nice and wide again. With this dress, too, the baby bump has plenty of room to grow.

Despite the wide cut, the dress looks very feminine. Because it emphasizes the legs nicely here. That’s why I find the combination of overknee boots and tunic dress totally sexy, especially for autumn-winter.

For the colder season you can also combine it with an oversize cardigan.

By the way, we have the cute babydoll dress in two beautiful colors.

Boho Hippie Herbst Outfit Kleid Trompetenärmeln Overknee Stiefel Oversized Cardigan Strick Cardigan Schwarz
Modernes Schwangerschafts Outfit Boho Umstandskleidung Hippie Style Herbst Outfit Boho Style Schwangerschaft Hippie Mama
Boho Kleid Langarm mit Trompetenärmel Tunika Kleid weit geschnitten Boho dress long sleeve with trumpet sleeves backless

Boho Herbst Outfit Babydoll Kleid Schnwangerschaftsmode Hippie Herbst Winter Kleid Langarm mit Knöpfen Flaschengrün
Hippie Kleid Flaschengrün Herbst Winter Boho Herbst Outfit Babydoll Kleid Strickjacke
Hippie Herbst Winter Kleid Langarm mit Knöpfen Flaschengrün Schwangerschaftskleid Hippie Herbst Winter Kleid Langarm mit Knöpfen Flaschengrün