Weihnachtsgeschenke für Frauen

Christmas gifts for women: Unique handmade from Bali

Feine-Halskette-Medaillon-Sternenhimmel-GoldBoho-Rings-Double-Ring-Layering-Ring-Statement-Ring-SilverFinding the perfect Christmas gift for a special woman can be a challenge. In our Bali shop we offer handmade products that are not only fairly manufactured, but also created with love in Bali. Each piece tells its own story and is a unique gift for a unique woman.

Weihnachtsgeschenke für Frauen

Jewelry that tells stories

Boho Statement Oversize Ring Larimar Hippie Schmuck SilberDreifach Mond Göttin Halskette Mondstein vergoldetOur handmade silver or gold-plated silver jewelry is more than just accessories. From moon-engraved coin necklaces to earrings and statement rings, each piece exudes elegance and the artistic precision of Bali. These pieces of jewelry are not just gifts, but timeless memories.

Münz Anhänger Mondphasen Witchy Mond Schmuck

Handmade macrame anklets

Funkelnde Boho Hippie Fusskette Grün Gold Orientalisch Festival Gypsy Elegant MultistringMakramee Fusskette Gold GrünThe art of macrame craftsmanship is reflected in our handmade anklets. Perfect as a special Christmas gift, they speak of Balinese craftsmanship and at the same time give a touch of boho chic.

Glöckchen Makramee Fusskette Gold Grün Sommer Strand
Yoga Meditation Chakra Fusskette Achat Regenbogen Farben

Clothing with Balinese flair

From dresses to sweaters to cardigans, our clothing collection combines comfort and style. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail to reflect the beauty and uniqueness of Bali.

Small gifts with big meaning

Leoaprden-Scrunchie-ViskoseLeinen-Scrunchie-Leoparden-ScrunchieFor smaller but no less significant gifts, we offer a variety of accessories. From scrunchies to headscarves to hairbands, these handmade products are perfect for brightening up everyday life.


The magic of Bali in every gift

Traditionelles Balinesisches Outfit im TempelWhat connects all our products is the magic of Bali. Each piece is not only a gift, but also a journey into the culture and stories of this fascinating island.

Bali ein tropisches Paradis

Sustainable gifts with heart

Uluwatu Bali

We not only value craftsmanship, but also sustainability. Every purchase supports not only the artisans in Bali but also eco-friendly practices.

Make this Christmas special by choosing a gift that is more than just an object – a piece of Bali that tells stories and touches hearts. You’ve come to the right place in our Bali shop, where every gift is a journey and every woman deserves something special.

A look behind the scenes

Weltentänzer Berlin Behind the Scenes Fair Fashion Label Handmade with Love in Bali (1)Our products are made with love by talented artisans in Bali. Every detail is carefully selected, from the materials to the handcrafted embellishments. We believe in fair trade and working collaboratively to ensure every hand involved in our products is fairly compensated.


The art of giving

Christmas presents are not just material things; they are an expression of love and appreciation. Our handmade products carry this love within them. The elegant pieces of jewelry, the comfortable clothing and the charming accessories speak of the warmth of Bali and bring a piece of this magic into everyday life.

And if you can’t decide or are not sure what exactly your favorite person would like, you can also give away a gift voucher from us.


Why choose us?

  1. Unique craftsmanship:Each product is carefully handcrafted and tells its own story.
  2. Fair Trade and Sustainability: We are committed to fair working conditions and environmentally friendly practices to protect the future of our planet.
  3. Boho chic for every occasion: Whether festive, casual or for everyday wear – our collection offers versatility and style.
  4. Gifts with meaning: Don’t just give a product, but an experience, a touch of Bali and a love of craftsmanship.

Order now and let yourself be enchanted!

Make this Christmas a memorable one by choosing gifts that touch the heart. Our Bali shop is your source for unique, handcrafted treasures. Order now and experience the magic of Bali in every single product.

Do you have any questions about the product?

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The right thing for every woman

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching statement ring, elegant earrings or a charming dress, our Bali shop offers a variety of gift options. The clothing, from dresses to cardigans, combines everyday comfort with a touch of Balinese flair.

Order and shipping

Order now to ensure your gift arrives in time for Christmas. We offer international shipping, so you can send the beauty of Bali anywhere in the world. When ordering outside of Germany, don’t forget to include your email address and phone number for the shipping label.


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