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Cottagecore Style: A style that enchants our homes and our fashion

Cottagecore Präirie Sommerkleider Boho StyleCottagecore is a style that has been established in interior design and fashion for many years. This look, reminiscent of rural idyll and natural beauty, is enchanting more and more people around the world. Here I give you inspiration on how to incorporate this romantic French prairie aesthetic into your home and wardrobe.

However, cottagecore is not only a style in interior design and fashion, but also a way of life. The idea behind behind is to live a tranquil life and detach from the stressors of modern life. The focus here is on living together with nature and the use of natural materials is intended to create a connection to nature.

Was ist Cottagecore?

Was ist Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a style reminiscent of country life with a focus on nature, tranquility and coziness. It’s about creating a harmonious environment in which you feel safe and relaxed. This idyllic country style is a homage to a bygone era when life was simpler and closer to the countryside. It’s about breaking away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and refocusing on nature and the simple things in life. In this sense, cottagecore fashion reflects a return to traditional craftsmanship and natural materials. This fashion style features airy, flowing dresses, often made of cotton or linen, and accessories such as straw hats and wreaths of flowers. The colors are mostly pastels like pink, green and blue, reminiscent of the beauty of nature. Patterns such as flowers, tendrils and butterflies are also widespread in cottage core fashion.

Langes Sweetheart Kleid weiß mit Rosenmustern und seitlichem Schlitz
Romantisches Sweetheart Ausschnitt Kleid mit Rosenmuster Puffärmel mit Schlag

Wie man Cottagecore in sein Zuhause integriert

Born out of a longing for a simpler life, this style is becoming increasingly popular, especially at a time when many people are overwhelmed by the stresses of everyday life.

In interior design, cottage core can be achieved through the use of natural materials, pastel colors and soft textures. Wooden furniture, white walls and decorative elements made of clay and ceramics are typical features of this style. Floral patterns, lace and other romantic details also play a major role in creating a rural atmosphere.

Wie man Cottagecore in sein Zuhause integriert

In home decor, this aesthetic features natural materials, rustic furniture, cozy fabrics, and romantic accessories. Wooden furniture, woven baskets, floral curtains and cushions, candles and bouquets of lavender are just a few of the features that help make the home feel warm and welcoming. These materials are designed to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere while also creating a connection with nature. When it comes to colour, Cottagecore often uses pastels, which have a calming effect. The idea behind it is to emulate life in the countryside and create a homely atmosphere.

So if you want to furnish your home in cottagecore style, it is important to use natural materials. These include, for example, wooden furniture, clay ceramics and fabrics made of cotton or linen. Avoid using too many artificial materials like plastic or metal, and instead use natural stone, clay, and wood.

Cottagecore als Modestil

A white wall color can create a light and airy atmosphere. The cottagecore aesthetic is also known for its creative DIY projects. Many people use items from their own garden or flea markets to decorate their home with handmade accessories. These include, for example, home-made plant stands, crafted wall decorations and individual lampshades.

Living accessories should help to create a comfortable atmosphere and establish a connection to nature. This can be, for example, bouquets of flowers, teapots or antique pieces of furniture.

The cottagecore style’s color palette is natural and soothing. White, cream, light blue, rose and pastel tones are the dominant colors. Green and brown tones also fit perfectly into this style.

Cottagecore als Modestil

In fashion, cottagecore is characterized by airy dresses, romantic blouses and dresses or cozy knitwear. This style is characterized by natural colors, romantic details and rural patterns. Natural materials such as cotton, linen or silk are often used here. In terms of color, pastel shades are also used here, but stronger colors such as green or blue are also used.

Another feature of Cottagecore is floral patterns. These are often romantic-style floral designs that create a connection with nature.

A typical cottagecore outfit consists of an airy dress or blouse with ruffles and flounces, combined with practical garden trousers or linen trousers. The colors are natural and imaginable, from soft yellow to deep blue-green. Floral patterns and bobbin lace are also common, adding a romantic touch to the outfit.

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Cut Out Minikleid Gelb-Braun Blumen
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70er-Jahre-Dreieckstuck-schwarz-BlumenmusterIn addition to clothing, accessories also play an important role in cottagecore style. Straw hats, raffia baskets and knitted bags are indispensable to underline the rural flair. Jewelry made of natural stones and precious metals also goes perfectly with the cottage core look. Hair accessories such as floral wreaths and country-style hair clips are also a big trend.


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Rural patterns, romantic colors and airy fabrics are preferred in fashion. Dresses, skirts and blouses with floral patterns, lace trims and flounces are some of the signature pieces of cottagecore style.

A special feature of this style are also the shoes. Flat country-style sandals, clogs and rubber boots are the perfect companions for country-style outfits.

Floral dress summer dress midi cut outs sleeves
Boho Kleid Altrosé mit Paisley Print Cut Out Kleid Midi Kleid Sommerkleid

Langes Boho Sommer Kleid mit Schlitz Gelb Blumenmuster

One of the reasons for Cottagecore’s success is its diversity. It is a style that is suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear. It can also be easily combined with other styles, such as boho chic or minimalism.

If you want to try this romantic style, you should look for clothes made of natural materials. Thrift stores and flea markets can also be great sources for authentic pieces.

In summary, Cottagecore is a style that takes into account not only fashion but also ethical and environmental considerations. It’s about breaking away from the fast-moving fashion industry and finding your way back to nature.

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