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Find your beach dress – 7 sexy boho dresses for the beach

If you landed on this blog, then you are most likely looking for a beach dress or nice beach outfits for your vacation.
Since we have summer all year round here in Bali, we are very familiar with boho summer dresses for the beach. We can give styling inspirations on the subject of boho summer outfits for the hot days at the beach.

Above all, light fabrics and designs that are allowed to show a little more skin are in demand here. In this style blog we would like to give you some outfit inspiration, which boho summer dresses or beach dresses you can best pack in your suitcase.

Must haves for the perfect boho beach outfits

First of all, of course, we have to remember to pack the essential things that we need for a beach holiday and that make up a perfect beach outfit. It is best to pack the things that can be wonderfully combined with almost all of your boho dresses.

Boho beach hat

The hat is not only important to protect your head, face and hair from the blazing sun. A stylish sun hat also gives almost any outfit a summery boho beach look.
A straw hat goes best with every beach outfit, whether it’s a summer dress or denim shorts.

Leichtes Sommer Trägerkleid Hippie Stil Gelb Braun

Hippie headscarf

As an alternative to the straw hat, you can of course also pack colourful headscarves. You can also combine these super stylish with your bohemian-chic beach look.

In addition, a cloth is also a bit more versatile. For example, you can wear a scarf on your head as a triangular scarf, use it with narrower folds and use it as a hair band or even braid it into your peasant braid.

Or wear it as a belt, for example. But also braid around your basket bag to give it some color. I know from experience that a scarf is a versatile accessory when traveling.

Beach towel or sarong

A beach towel or sarong can also be very useful in a beach outfit in addition to the blanket function. For example, you can tie a sarong to a skirt or beach dress and with a few knots you have a beautiful bikini throw. You can also tie a sarong around your head as a turban or headscarf. Or use it as a scarf.

Boho jewellery that ideally goes with all outfits

Whether you wear jewellery on the beach or not. As is well known, opinions differ. A bikini is also an outfit that can be spiced up a little with the right beach accessories.
Jewelry made of silver or brass (brass) is best suited for this, as these materials can tolerate the salty sea water well.

Sandals that go with everything

When choosing sandals, I usually choose the color of the jewelry or accessories. So just 1-3 shoes are enough for the whole holiday.
Plus, you can’t go wrong with black and cream-coloured sandals.

Cool boho sunglasses are as much a part of the beach look as amen to church

Strand Outfits - Boho Schmuck am Strand tragen

1. Beach look in boho playsuit

For the casual but sexy beach look you definitely need a short overall. It doesn’t matter whether the one-piece suit has colorful patterns or is monochromatic. You can wear any short jumpsuit to the beach.
Our “Moonchild” playsuits look great on the beach as they are off the shoulder and nice and short. Of course, this comes in handy if you intend to get a streak-free tan.

They can also be worn sporty, casual and sexy. And are suitable for everyday life on the beach as well as the beach party. The viscose material is so pleasantly soft and delicate on the skin. And because it’s nice and airy, it’s really comfortable to wear on hot summer days.

In addition, a stylish onesie can also be beautifully combined with boots and/or jeans/leather jacket. Then you can also wear it at festivals, for example. One-piece suits make a beautiful figure. Almost every body type. It depends on the right cut.

Boho Jumpsuit Batik Gelb Kurzer Playsuit für Damen Schulterfrei

2. Boho style short beach dress

Short beach dresses, also called sundresses, are of course essential for the beach. Because they allow a beautiful summer tan and are also sexy.
You can also wear a mini dress sporty with sneakers or casually with sandals or flip flops.

And of course a sun dress can also be used as a party dress if you combine it with the right jewelry or high heels, for example.
Here, too, you can show courage and choose brightly colored summer dresses that have summery patterns.

Here we show you a selection of sexy cut-out dresses in short or casual babydoll dresses with a wide cut. Strapless short beach dresses are also our absolute favourites.

Cut Out Kleid Skater Kleid

2. Cut out dresses for the beach

Summer dresses can have cut-outs in a wide variety of places. It doesn’t matter whether they are in the back, in the waist or in the upper part of the dress: cut-out dresses are always an eye-catcher.

We at Weltentänzer Berlin will always create unusual summer dresses with cut-outs for you.

For example, our “Ginger & Spice” short skater dresses are suitable for both the beach and city life. Because combined with lace-up boots or Doc Martens, the loose babydoll dress with the cut-out in the back looks like a 90s grunge dress.

And our asymmetrical midi dresses “Little Miss Mimi”, which have their cut-outs in the short, oversized sleeves, are great summer dresses for every day.

Cut Out Dress Skater Dress
Boho dress short backless with flowers cut out
Cut out dress knee length with flowers boho summer dress

3. Beach dresses maxi

A maxi dress gives you a hippie look, even on the beach. You can style it really nicely with a nice hippie headscarf, big statement earrings and an oversized handbag.

For the summer, long dresses with colourful motifs are an absolute must-have to celebrate the warm summer days.

In order to still show a little leg and the beautiful shoes, you best choose a long summer dress with a sexy slit.

In addition, you can of course also wear off-shoulder dresses with boho style maxi dresses. Because with a strapless maxi dress, you show skin at the top and are covered at the bottom.

Langes Hippie Maxikleid Lachs Musselin Baumwolle

4. Tunic dresses for the beach

Loose and wide dresses or long boho-style tunics are also a very versatile piece of clothing in summer. A short tunic dress can be worn as a sexy mini dress. Combine it as a long and loose top with skinny jeans or leggings.

And the best thing is that you can continue to wear the tunic in autumn, winter or spring. Then you simply wear thick tights, a cozy cardigan and warm boots.

Our tunic dress has a rather simple cut at the front, but shows through the beautiful deep neckline in the back

Weltentänzer Berlin Hippie Boho Tunika Kleid Hippie Kleidung Online Fair trade

5. Two piece beach dresses

An airy two-piece dress can be beautifully converted into a boho beach outfit. Wear it with a large boho sun hat, for example. Or refine the beach look with a colourful hippie headscarf. And, of course, the right jewellery rounds off the entire bohemian chic outfit for the beach.

Feathers and shell jewellery, for example, go perfectly with this. In addition, the feet can then be decorated with toe rings and anklets. Even your sunglasses can be adorned with a stylish eyewear chain to make the look even more summery.

The nicest thing about two-piece suits is that, as is well known, you can wear them separately. This is also the reason why two-piece suits are an integral part of the collections at Weltentänzer Berlin.

You can wear the crop top really nicely on the beach with short denim shorts. And the maxi skirt looks super cute with a bikini top. Or, for example, a hippie scarf that you can tie as a top. In any case, there are plenty of ways in which you can combine the two-piece suit on your beach vacation.

 Strandkleid - 7 Sexy Boho Kleider für den Strand

Boho Zweiteiler Zweiteilige Kleider
Boho Zweiteiler Kleid Leinen Optik Wollweiß
Boho Sommerkleid Batik zweiteilig Ibiza Style

6. Boho style kimonos and crochet ponchos for a casual beach outfit

Boho kimonos in short or long, with or without fringes, round off a beach outfit in boho style. They look stylish, casual and at the same time have a casual glamorous touch. They are also great as a bikini throw or resort wear.

This is why our Mermaid collection is so popular with our customers. Because both our ponchos and our net cardigans are great as a cover for the bathing suit. You can also style them together with a sarong as a wrap skirt to create a casual beach outfit.

And in addition, our knitted and crocheted tops are a nice cover for the cooler evenings.

So either way: a win-win 😉

Sommer Jacke Strick Cardigan Boho Hippie Style (17)

Hippie Strick Jacke wollweiß Boho Cardigan Sommer Jacke Ethno Style