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Our boho dresses in Ibiza style

Ibiza is simply a magical place in this world. It’s not just about the beautiful nature, the turquoise sea, the fabulous restaurants or the unique club scene.
No, it is above all the indescribable energy and the mysterious atmosphere. And anyone who has ever been to this beautiful island knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Atlantis Ibiza Magische Natur

Boho Chic Style – Inspired by the hippie scene of the 60s and 70s

And that is certainly the reason why the hippies discovered the Balearic Island for themselves in the 60s.
Since then, the island of Ibiza has been considered a “free-spirited hippie paradise” and attracts a certain mix of people. Such as artists, spirits or nature lovers from all over the world.
However, Ibiza also has a glamorous side. However, this definitely has many influences from the Bohemian & Hippie scene. In other words, “boho chic”.

Ibiza Style Kleidung Blumen Kleid Boho Chic

Women’s clothing in boho Ibiza style

And so the Ibiza Hippie Vibe also flows into Ibiza fashion. Accordingly, many soft and light materials such as viscose, cotton or silk are used in typical Ibiza clothing. In addition, the color white is very popular with the island’s boho-chic style. However, you can also find colorful and patterned fabrics there. Such as dresses with flower prints, leopard patterns or paisley.

Flower dresses, figure-hugging maxi dresses or wide tunics are also very typical for the summery Ibiza look.

Ibiza Style Kleid Hippie Maxikleid

Boho Maxi Kleid Blau Blumenmuster Seitlich offen

Boho Maxi Kleid Blau Blumenmuster Hippie Style

Boho Maxi Kleid Blau Blumenmuster Tiefer Rückenausschnitt

Floral maxi dresses in a romantic bohemian gypsy style

An example of the typical Ibiza dress is a colorful hippie maxi dress with flowers.
The combination of floral patterns and long summer dresses reflects the hippie era of the 70s.Boho Kleid rot Blumenmuster Ibiza Style Bohemian Kleid

Boho Kleid rot Blumenmuster Ibiza Style Bohemian Kleid

Rotes Kleid mit Blumen Ibiza Style