Our 10 most beautiful boho style maxi dresses for the summer

In celebration of the beginning of summer, we have put together our 10 most beautiful dresses in boho style for you. With which you are definitely well prepared for the summer of 2022. Because our long boho dresses are all made of very airy and light materials. We also have a beautiful selection of dresses with colourful floral patterns and summery colours.

And in this fashion blog we also give you inspiration on how to best wear and combine our maxi dresses in boho style.

Boho summer dresses floral pattern

1. White boho maxi dress with flowers

The white boho dress with the romantic floral pattern is the signature dress of our summer collection 2022. Because the delicate rose pattern is simply a dream and the perfect floral print for summer. And of course the color white is a summer color that makes every outfit an eye-catcher.

For example, imagine our white rose print maxi dress on your beach vacation. How you stroll along the beach promenade in the evening and let yourself be carried away by your holiday feeling. Delicate sandals go well with this white floral dress, but stylish summer boots also go wonderfully with it as a break in style.

After the holiday, the dress should of course not gather dust in the closet. Because the romantic maxi dress with the sexy side slit is also really nice for everyday wear. The good thing about the dress is that the neckline is changeable. And therefore can be adapted depending on the situation and mood.

Langes Sweetheart Kleid weiß mit Rosenmustern und seitlichem Schlitz

Flower dress as a dress for the wedding guest

Sommerkleid mit Sweetheart Ausschnitt Blumenmuster weißAnd if you’re still looking for a dress for a wedding you’re invited to. Then this white floral dress is perfect for it. To do this, wear your hair down and put a few small flowers in your hair.

Or wear a fine wreath of flowers as a headband. For this occasion you can, for example, also combine a small playful basket bag. And maybe even bring a romantic umbrella.

Bohemian maxi dress with side slit white floral pattern for summer
Weißes Boho Midi Kleid mit Schlitz Rosen Blumenmuster

2. Bottle green boho style maxi dresses

The color bottle green has also established itself in our collections. Because you can just lose yourself in this juicy color. Also, I don’t think there is a anyone who doesn’t suit this color.

That’s why we have different maxi dresses in this lush green. In addition, dresses in this beautiful dark green look festive and elegant. And for this reason they are also well suited for festive occasions or the evening. However, it is also suitable for everyday use if you style the bottle-green dress accordingly. For example with a cheeky bag or a casual denim jacket.

Flaschengrüne Maxikleider im Boho Style Dame trägt grünes Boho Kleid für Hochzeitsgast das lange ist und Dunkelgrün

Dress for bridesmaids

Our long wrap dress “Frieda & the Moon” in bottle green is particularly popular with our customers as a bridesmaid dress. Because it is simple, elegant and at the same time festive.

Damen Wickelkleid Flaschengrün Schmetterlingsärmel Plussize Kleidergröße 42 44
Rüschenkleid Elegant dünne Träger Flaschengrün
Boho Summer Elegant Wrap Dress long Flounce bottle Green

3. Ibiza style white boho dress

Think of Ibiza or Santorini. Which summer dress fits best in this holiday scenario? A bohemian style white maxi dress. For example, a two-piece or strapless dress in summery white.

For example, you can combine a long boho dress in white with comfortable summer sandals. Add a chic straw hat and a stylish boho beach bag and you have a really nice boho summer outfit.

Wear white gold jewelry with your boho dress. Best in a layered look.

Weißes Rückenfreies Off Shoulder Top Ibiza Style Strand Urlaub

White maxi dresses in boho style complete the summer beach look

A white boho style dress is of course also a great beach dress. For example, it can also be beautifully styled with a bikini to create a beach look. For example, if the bikini top flashes slightly at the top of the neck. This gives the look a little touch of color.

Weißes Ibiza Hippie Maxikleid mit Schlitz Schulterfrei
Bohemian Look Kleid weiß Zweiteiler
Boho Zweiteiler Kleid Leinen Optik Wollweiß

4. Long hippie style strap dresses

Long hippie dresses with spaghetti straps are ideal for summer. Because they are nice and airy and let the sun touch your skin. Therefore, slip dresses are a must-have for a vacation at the beach. But also a summer in the city. Because maxi dresses with thin straps are suitable for the beach as well as for everyday life. Even for the office. You can be a little braver there.

Combine strap dresses correctly

With a boho dress with thin straps you can use a lot of jewellery. For example, you can wear bracelets of different sizes in a layered look. In addition, large creoles or statement earrings go very well with it.

Boho Hippie Kleid helles Grün-01

Boho Sommerkleider in Olive und Goldbraun mit Volant und Spaghettiträgern Brautjungfern Kleider Boho Hochzeit
Pastelfarben Brautjungfern Kleider Spaghettiträger-01
Sommerkleid Spaghetti Träger Blumen Print schwarz

5. Long wrap dresses for summer

Our “Frieda & the Moon” wrap dresses have established themselves as our customers’ favorite summer dresses. Because they flatter the figure, are versatile and comfortable. And since we make them in a very light viscose, they are also very airy and feel very soft on the skin.

That’s why we have them in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Since our 2022 summer collection, we have also been offering the boho-style bestseller dress in a plus size one size fits all. This usually fits dress sizes 40-44/46 and from a cup size D.

In addition, the boho wrap dress is now also available for girls. Thus, mum and child can wear the summer dress in a partner look.

Boho Kleid zum Wickeln Schmetterlingsärmel

Boho Wickelkleid Plus Size
Boho Wickelkleid Blumenmuster (4)
Polka Dot Kleid Lang Blau Wickelkleid Maxikleid Gepunktet

6. Long dresses with a slit in a bohemian style

Weltentänzer Berlin includes maxi dresses with slits, as well as two-piece dresses for every summer collection. Because a nice high side slit makes a long dress sexy as it shows a little leg.

In addition, the slit in the maxi dress also shows off the shoes better. For example, boots with a high shaft or even over-the-knee boots go really well with a slit dress.

Long dresses in the slit on the leg look elegant and seductive. And are also suitable for every season. Anyone who thinks that long boho dresses with a slit are just something for summer has definitely not thought of this outfit combination.


Boho Schlitzkleid Blumen Lang

Maxikleid Schulterfrei Schlitz Gänseblumen Hellblau
Off Shoulder Strand Kleid Batik schwarz weiß mit seitlichem Schlitz
Sweetheart Maxikleid mit Schlitz schwarz-01

7. Long strapless dresses

Off-the-shoulder maxi dresses in boho style are very feminine and slightly seductive cuts alongside dresses with a slit. Because they are long, but have small eye-catchers hidden in the design. Off shoulder maxi dresses accentuate the shoulders and back. However, they are otherwise casual and mysterious. They are perfect for festivals and parties. And of course also on summer vacation.


Combine off-shoulder maxi dresses with boho jewellery

And if a strapless dress already offers you so much space for jewelry, then feel free to use it. So you can dig out your chunky hippie necklaces or combine them with necklaces of different lengths in layering. Or you can ditch the chains and indulge in big statement earrings.


Batik Boho Kleid Schulterfrei Blau (1)
Boho Sommer Outfit Inspiration Off Shoulder Top und Maxirock Lachs
Boho summer outfit off the shoulder

8. Long hippie dresses in retro style

Boho Maxikleid mit Sweetheart Ausschnitt und hohem seitlichen Schlitz Blumenprint Terrakotta getragen von Dame stehend im Grünen Feld.Maxi dresses in the retro 70s hippie style can be very colourful and, above all, flowery for the summer.
Go for retro colours like mustard yellow or terracotta. These warm colours look so great on summery tanned skin.


Boho Kleid Retro Style Zweiteiliges Kleid Hippie Style

Striking hippie jewellery goes perfectly with it

Here, for example, you can combine large, eye-catching jewellery with it. Or take up the colours of the patterns in jewellery again. Depending on your own taste, you can go for statement jewellery or something more subtle. Everything is allowed.

You can also grab a slouch hat or flower wreath for the retro look.

9. Two piece maxi dresses

Two-piece maxi dresses in boho style are also a trademark of Weltentänzer Berlin because they are so different and unique.

We also love them because they are feminine and practical.

We have also created great two-piece dresses for you in our 2022 summer collection. This time also in one color if desired.

Zweiteiliges Maxkleid im Boho Stil Retor Hippie

Boho Zweiteiler Kleid Leinen Optik Wollweiß
Boho Musselin Zweiteiler Kleid schwarz

10. Long floral dresses for summer

Dresses with floral patterns in different colors are an important part in the boho and hippie chic style. Because bright floral patterns embody the fun-loving hippie style of clothing.

That’s why dresses with flowers are also our favorite. It can be colorful and wild here!

Our floral print dresses will remind you of summer and Bali.

What is your favorite floral dress for summer?


Sommerkleid olivgrün mit Volant

Hippie Chic Maxikleid Blumenmuster Grün Sommer
Boho summer dress bohemian style
Long Hippie Flower Dress Green Roses Pattern