Blusen mit Schößchen Peplum Blusen Rüschenblusen

Our new peplum blouses “Rendevouz with you”

Flounce blouses are an absolute must in every Boho & Hippie wardrobe, because they are creative and playful and give the outfit a lightness. That’s why we’ve finally added peplum blouses to our boho collection for fall and winter.

What does peplum blouse actually mean?

Clothes such as tops, blouses or dresses with peplum, or the so-called Peplum are usually ruffled at the waist, or run bell-like there. Peplum sets an eye-catching feature, especially in festive women’s clothing. The flounce on the waist, which usually lies loosely on the hips, gives the garment an elegant touch and flatters the figure at the same time.</span >

Volantbluse Mint
Bluse mit schößchen Volant Olivgrün

Who do peplum blouses look particularly good on?

Women with a narrow waist can wear garments with a flounced hem particularly well, as the cut conjures up a beautiful curved silhouette. In addition, the ruffled top can also be used to conceal a small belly very nicely.

What’s the best way to combine peplum blouses?

Blouses with peplum flounce blouse skinny jeans and cardiganPeplum blouses usually look best when paired with a pencil skirt or pants that fit snugly around the waist. Or you can grab hip jeans, leggings or skinny jeans here, for example. This means that you only have volume around the middle of the body and emphasise the lower part of the figure with tight-fitting clothing.

However, you can also combine a long hippie skirt and a vest with the boho style. Because with the boho look it is allowed to combine wide-cut garments with each other and to dress in different layers. For example, you can combine the Peplum Shirt with a chunky-knit cardigan or combine it with a wool or (faux) fur vest.

Our new peplum blouses “Rendevouz with you”

Asymmetrically cut blouses with peplum

The asymmetric cut and the ruffled hem of our Boho Chic blouses are definitely eye-catchers and also flatter the figure. The flounce at the waist conceals a small tummy and the asymmetrical cut, which is longer at the back than at the front, creates a beautiful, feminine figure.

Hidden placket and coconut shell buttons

Another special feature of the elegant women’s blouse is the hidden button placket. For example, we were able to choose buttons made from upcycled coconut shells to keep the peplum blouses as natural as possible. The small buttons are nicely hidden and don’t disturb the minimalistic design.

Peplum blouses with flared cuff sleeves

The sleeves also have the same small buttons made of upcycled coconut shell, which can be buttoned in two different wrist sizes.

Bluse mit Schößchen Peplum Blouse black schwarz
Blusen mit Schößchen Kaminrot Terrakotta Cardigan


Our boho blouses with peplum for every occasion

The flounce blouses are perfect for every occasion. For example, you can wear the leopard print blouse with black shiny or leather look leggings and cowboy boots and a stylish boho hat at a festival. Or you wear the mint green ruffled blouse with a pencil skirt and over-knee boots to the office.

With skinny jeans, comfortable boots and a cozy cardigan, you can also wear the boho blouses with peplum in everyday life in autumn and winter. And in spring and summer, light leggings or low-waisted jeans go well with a flounce blouse look.

So you can be creative and brave when choosing your outfit around the ruffled blouse. The main thing is that you feel good. If you want more outfit inspiration, follow us on Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok.