Polka dot dresses are always trendy

Polka dot dresses are always trendy

Polka dot dresses are and will remain a trend!
If you only
of “Polka Dot” from the 50s with “Petticoat” and “Pin Up Rockabilly”Styles, then you just didn´t see the other amazing polka dot styles yet.

Just an idea, a polka dot dress can look classic, playful-cute or retro rocky. It all depends on the style and of course the cut of the dotted dress.

Polka Dot all-rounder

In addition, the most beautiful thing about dotted dresses is that they always remain as a fashion trend. Apart from that, polka dot dresses can be worn on almost any occasion.

In this blog we give you some style inspiration on which occasions you can wear polka dots wonderfully.

Boho Chic Maxirock Blau Polka Dot mit hohen Schlitzen und Knöpfen

1. Polka dot summer outfit with high waisted maxi skirt

Our polka dot maxi skirt with slits doesn’t just fit like a glove. And this for clothing sizes from 34 to 40. In addition, the boho skirt is a combination talent!

So the dotted skirt simply has to go on a summer vacation! Because no matter whether you go for a chic dinner or just take a sightseeing tour of the city. In other words, the summer skirt with dots always fits.

For example, combined with a crop top, blouse or t-shirt, you can vary the polka dot summer look.

Polka Dot Sommer Outfit Boho Ibiza Style

Sommer Stadt Look Polka Dot Rock mit Jeansjacke Denimjacke

2. Dots dress in everyday life

Polka Dot Kleid Alltags OutfitWhy not wearing the polka dot dress also in the everyday life too?

Because we now know that polka dots are very versatile.
The dotted dress can be combined with boots, sneakers or chic sandals. For this reason, it is wearable for almost every company in everyday life.

The polka dot dress with leather jacket or denim can also be super pimped up for colder days.

Boho Hoodie Black boat neckline. Cuddly sweater with hood in black.

On top of that, you conjure up a great autumn-winter outfit for every day. By combining your dots maxi skirt with slits with a cozy sweater and over the knee boots.

Polka Dot Kleid Rüschen

Polka Dot Maxi Kleid Maxikleid Rot Punktekleid Kleid lang gepunktet

3. Business outfit in polka dot style

As already mentioned, polka dot outfits are also classic and therefore fit very well in the office.

It is important that the combination is more simple colors such as white, black and red.

For example, you can combine the polka dot skirt with a white blouse or a black blaser.

Add matching colors and you have your casual business outfit ready!

Polka Dot Business Outfit

Polka Dot Maxi Kleid Maxikleid Rot Punktekleid Kleid lang gepunktet

Polka Dot Punkte Tupfen Mini Kleid Trompetenärmel Glockenärmel Schwarz Kleid Volant Rüschen Kurz

Of course, it is also very simple. Simply in a polka dot maxi dress or mini dress. It is best to wear fine gold jewelry or pearls.

Polka Dot Maxi Kleid Maxikleid Schwarz Blau Punktekleid Kleid lang gepunktet

4. Elegant wedding guest dress

In addition, polka dot dresses are super suitable for casual wedding celebrations. Because the dot dress is classic, sweet and elegant. For example, the two-piece polka dot dress is a special eye catcher.

Sommer Kleid Zweiteilig Gepunktet Blau Weiß

Boho Chic Tupfen Kleid Sommerkleid gepunktet Rot Polka Dot Zweiteiler Kleid Weinrot Off Shoulder Maxikleid

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Langes Wickelkleid Gepunktet hellbraun weiss Ibiza Boho Style

Langes Wickelkleid hellbraun weiss Pünktchen

Polka Dot Wickelkleider Damen Sommerkleider