Shell jewelry in boho style for the summer

Shell jewelry is actually more versatile than you think. Because shell chains are no longer just something for hippie or surfer girls.

Coupled with elegant gold or silver jewelry, they also go for the boho chic style.

Cowrie shell chains and shell chokers were your favorite in our jewelry collection last year.

For this reason, we have expanded our maritime-style jewelry range for you.

Boho Festival Style mit Muschelschmuck und Federn

The Boho shell necklace

The best thing to do this year is to combine the shell jewelry with gold. This combination gives the look a certain glamor.

For example, you wear the chain with a shell pendant in the layering style.

You can style the shell chain with a shell choker or simply a simple amulet necklace or link chain. It looks chic and modern!

Shell choker chains are also indispensable this year. Especially if they are worn with other chains in layer style.

However, we will see fine necklaces with a wide variety of shell pendants more often this summer.

Kurze Choker Halskette Kauri Muschel GoldBoho Muschel Kette Cowry Shell VergoldetMuschel Choker Kette Kurz Gold Messing Brass

As an example of the stylish layering look, our choker necklace shell “Bali Babe” and the fine shell charm necklace gold-plated “Lost in Paradise” are shown here.

Muschelschmuck kombinieren

Muschelschmuck für den Sommer Hippie Boho Triangle Collar Choker Necklace

Pocahontas Festival Style with our triangle-shaped hippie macrame shell necklace “Aquaria”.

Hippie Kette Muschel AnhängerMuschel Anhänger Kette Vergoldet

2. Boho shell earrings

You can also apply the stylish layering look to shell earrings. For example, if there are multiple ear holes.

Simple and small hoop earrings fit very well. Shell creoles are great for this. Because that looks chic and super stylish.

Otherwise, it also looks very cool if you only wear a striking shell-shaped statement earring.

In addition, long earrings with shell charm look super nice with natural stones. Just like our “Sealife” earrings.

Lange Ohrringe Vergoldet 18 Karat Muschel AnhängerEthno Ohrringe MuschelnHippie Muschel Ohrringe Kleinlange-feine-ohrringe-vergldet-muschelHippie Muschel Ohrringe Sommerschmuck Boho Beachy Ibiza StyleKleine Creolen mit MuschelanhängerHippie Muschel Ohrringe Sommerschmuck Boho Beachy Ibiza Style Beach Look Strandnixe Boho BohemianBoho Strand Schmuck Muschelohrringe CreolenMuschelschmuck im Boho Style Feine Creolen Muschelanhänger

3. Must Have Boho Shell Jewelry: Statement Ring with Shell

As third, a big statement shell ring shouldn’t be missing from any boho lady in the jewelry box this summer.

It looks best worn on the middle finger or index finger. The best thing to do is combine fine rings and knuckle rings.

In addition, the large boho shell ring made of silver fits almost any outfit.

Because you can wear it super nice on the beach. But also with the Boho Every Day outfit.

Or very elegant with fine silver jewelry in the evening.

Cowrie Muschel Ring 925 Silber aus Bali Boho Silberring Ibiza Style Strand Schmuck Boho Chic Schmuck

Muschelschmuck im Boho Style Ring Kauri Muschel 925 Silber aus Bali handgefertigt Muschelschmuck

Muschelschmuck im Boho Style Ring Kauri Muschel 925 Silber aus Bali handgefertigt Boho Style

Ring Kauri Muschel 925 Silber aus Bali handgefertigt Sommerschmuck Ibiza Style

4. Hippie shell anklets

Also on summer vacation are beautiful seashell bands and maritime anklets on the foot.

The combination with gold is also best here. For example, macrame anklets with brass are very suitable.

Because brass is super straightforward. Even when wearing on the beach.

A little tip: Shell anklets can also be worn super nice on the upper arm.

Muschel Fusskette Gold Messing Strand Fuss Schmuck MuschelnMuschelschmuck im Boho Style Hippie Ibiza Style Fusskette Muschel Makramee Muschelschmuck im Boho Style Muschel Fusskette Gold Messing Strand Fuss Schmuck MuschelnMuschel Fusskette Gold Messing Muschelschmuck

5. Shell bracelet in boho style

And so we come to our next point. Chic shell bracelets.

As already mentioned, you can also wear an anklet on the upper arm. Because that gives the outfit a boho style.

However, our hippie bracelet is a long-time favorite with our customers.

Because the macrame bracelet is also decorated with beautiful feathers.

Muschelschmuck im Boho Style Boho Muschel Armreifen für den Oberarm

Muschelschmuck im Boho Style Oberamreifen Armband Muscheln

Shell jewelry in boho style on Instagram

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