Christmas time is the best time of the year!

(besides the summer vacation)

Weihnachtsgeschenk für Sie

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Special Christmas gifts for her!

You are probably thinking of Christmas songs on the radio, drinking mulled wine with friends at a Christmas market, the beautiful lights in the city and of course the license to snack on Christmas cookies. But the best of all is the anticipation of spending a cozy evening with your loved ones and exchanging gifts.

Every year the gift search is a great challenge. You would like to give each of your loved ones a little joy. But a well thought-out gift takes time.
So we thought we’d help you out. In this blog we have selected special Christmas gifts for you that your favourite person might enjoy.


Great gift ideas for women

We hope we can inspire you with our selection of gifts for women. In this blog you will find ideas and inspiration for special gifts for your girlfriend, mother, sister or best friend. In different price ranges.

By the way, you will get the special Christmas gifts already nicely packaged.

6 Stück Nachhaltige Strohhalme Trinkhalme Bambus

1. A little Christmas gift for friends or work colleagues

If you just want to make your best friend, sister or work colleague happy with a small gesture, then these unique gift ideas are a great choice!

Sustainable gift idea: bamboo drinking straws

Bamboo straws are a super beautiful and, above all, sustainable gift idea. Because, unlike single-use plastic drinking straws, these can be used again and again and are even dishwasher-safe. Bamboo is a super fast growing raw material and growing everywhere in Bali. Our bamboo straws come from Bali and are made by hand.

Freundinnen Armband Herz Freundschaftsarmband

Small gifts keep friendships alive: friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are always a great gift idea as a symbol of solidarity that you can wear together. Plus a nice card with a few lovely lines. Because even with a small gift you can bring great joy to your loved ones. Symbolic gifts come from the heart and bind friendships.
The friendship bracelets are small, delicate and less noticeable. So you can wear it on your wrist every day.

Brillenketten Meerglas Mint Grün Weiss

Stylish gift for your girlfriend: (sun)glasses chains

Eyeglass chains are currently making their big comeback. And for a good reason too, because eyeglass cords are super stylish and, above all, very practical. For this reason you are sure to hit the bull’s eye with this gift!

Especially with somewhat more expensive reading or sunglasses, a glasses strap is worthwhile, because you always wear your glasses nicely around your neck. This reduces the risk of leaving the glasses somewhere or, for example, sitting on them;)

Makramee Fusskette bunte Edelsteine Messing Hippie Fusskette (1)

Nice anklet as a little gift for Christmas

A beautiful and above all handmade anklet is also always a nice gift idea if you are just looking for a little something. Because every woman is really happy about beautiful foot jewellery.

Because colourful anklets are always associated a little with the anticipation of summer or the next summer vacation. These little anklets will brighten up her day.

2. Christmas gifts from the heart: for your girlfriend, mom or sister

Would you like to give something special for Christmas? For example a fancy piece of jewellery that expresses your love and affection?
Take a look at our selection of fine boho accessories from Bali. These are either gold-plated or decorated with a beautiful gemstone.

3. Cozy sweaters and colourful shawls and scarves

To give away a warm and cozy sweater for the cold season is very natural. After all, which woman is not happy about a new item of clothing in the closet? You might even have given your loved one her next favourite piece of clothing.

Here we have listed our most popular items from our Mermaid collection. They are not only super stylish and cozy. They are also independent of the season. Because you can wear our sweaters, hoodies and cardigans all year round.

Bali Sarong Tuch Batik

4. Practical present for Christmas: sarong

Our colourful sarongs also come from Bali. They are made of 100% soft viscose. They were also coloured using a special wax painting batik technique. First, patterns are painted on the cloth with wax. Then coloured with different colours. Then the wax is removed and the end result is these beautiful decorations in a colourful batik gradient.

In addition, the Bali sarongs are our all-rounders. Because they are great as a scarf, bandana or turban. But also a perfect beach towel or bikini cover-up! Or, for example, a picnic blanket that fits in every pocket. Beautifully colourful wall decorations. The options are limitless.

5. Christmas presents for boho girls

If you know the taste and size of your loved one a little better, then you can be a little braver with the gift. We have just the thing for boho fans!
Most of our dresses and sweaters are one size. Some of them can be adjusted with some strings to every body type. So in most cases these products should fit your loved one just fine.

And should the gift still not fit or please. You can send it back to us free of charge within 14 days.
Take a look at our return policy here.

Besondere Weihnachtsgeschenke für Sie Geschenk Sauna


Besondere Weihnachtsgeschenke für Sie Verschenke einen Gutschein im Lieblings Restaurant

6. Various gift ideas for Christmas

Give away “time” to each other

  • Theater tickets for a nice play in the theater next door: This can usually be done quickly and easily online. You can even get the tickets by email. The only important thing here is that you make an appointment with your loved one in advance!
  • Sauna voucher. An excellent idea, especially in winter. You can experience a great sauna day together.
  • Voucher from your favourite restaurant. Give away a nice evening together in a great restaurant. Here you are also giving away an unforgettable experience together.
  • A short city trip. A prior appointment is of course also necessary here. You can, for example, book the train tickets in advance or find nice accommodation. Then design a nice little voucher for her and give that as a present.

Besondere Weihnachtsgeschenke für Sie Fotobuch verschenken zu Weihnachten

DIY for your loved ones

  • Photo book from the last vacation together or your favourite souvenir photos. You can also do this super easy online or in the drugstore near you. But you have to plan some time for this.
  • Draw a picture, make something beautiful. Of course, your crafting skills and the preferences of the person receiving the gift are required here.
  • Make a gingerbread house. There are lots of instructions and suggestions on the net, like Pinterest or on Youtube!
  • Make jam or liqueur yourself and give it away in a great glass or bottle.

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