weiße Maxikleider mit Rosenmuster

How to Style Our White Maxi Dress with Rose Print

This is a popular dress from our summer collection – the white maxi dress with enchanting rose print! With its captivating Cottagecore and Boho-Chic style, it will make your Boho heart skip a beat.

A plus is that it flatters your figure, fitting snugly on the upper body and flowing elegantly in an A-line below. The romantic 3/4 puff sleeves and alluring side slit add a touch of princess charm.

What sets this dress apart is its versatility – wear it off-shoulder for a casual look or transform it into a captivating sweetheart neckline. It’s perfect for numerous occasions and will always make you shine!

In this style blog, I’ll show you different ways to style it for various events.

Summer Romance for Your Beach Vacation

Pack our enchanting white maxi dress with rose print in your suitcase, and it will accompany you on your summer vacation, creating unforgettable moments. Whether strolling hand in hand romantically with your partner along the beach promenade, experiencing candlelit dinners in exquisite restaurants, or exploring charming streets in a new city – this dress will make you look perfect for every occasion. Its blend of elegance and ease makes it the ideal companion for your summer vacation.

City Stroll

Style the dress with simple flat sandals or sneakers, paired with a denim jacket or summer cardigan. An elegant straw hat complements this look, along with delicate stud or dangling earrings.

Beach Promenade Walk

Schulterfreies Boho Chic Kleid Weiß mit Blumen
Boho Kleid Weiß Blumenmuster
Boho Style Sommerkleid Blumen schulterfrei Schlitz

Our White Maxi Dress with Rose Print as a Wedding Guest Dress

Our customers also bought this dress as a guest for weddings due to its suitability for romantic wedding themes. Although it’s white, the colorful floral pattern allows you to wear it confidently as a wedding guest. Boho weddings are trendy, making this dress a perfect fit for the evening’s theme. You can style it with flowers or a floral crown in your hair.

Dress for Prom or Graduation Ball

It’s also a popular choice among our graduates for their prom or graduation ball. Since it’s not overly formal, like sequin or satin dresses, it strikes the right balance for the occasion.

Party Dress for Birthdays

Many customers purchased the dress as a party outfit for birthday celebrations or summer company events.