Boho Sommer Kollektion

We are back - with a magical new Boho Summer Dress collection

Hello all you magical souls!

We are back from our baby bubble with a beautiful new boho summer dress collection for summer 2022!
In this fashion blog we would like to introduce you to our fairy boho summer dresses, new two-piece skirt and top, and new enchanting designs from the new collection.

We also have some surprises for you this year.
For example, we have our bestselling dress “Frieda & the Moon” this summer also for your little Mini-Me’s.
And besides the boho kids dresses we have designed the beautiful long wrap dress also in a plus size one size fits all dress sizes 40-44/46.

Also we have again responded to your wishes and have added beautiful monochrome parts in our new Boho summer dress collection.

In addition, you will find in our new summer collection cuddly Boho clothes from the soft cotton fabric muslin. Inspired by the baby burp cloths of our new baby everyday.

Boho Sommer Kleid “By my Sweetheart”

This is our first favorite item for this summer. Because, first of all, our “Be my Sweetheart” dresses are all made of a very delicate and pleasantly soft viscose.

In addition, the neckline is something very special, which it is very changeable in its shape. You can easily turn the scoop neckline into a heart neckline by pulling the drawstring in the middle.Likewise, the dress can be worn both off-the-shoulder and with sleeves. The sweet ¾ puff sleeves have a playful flare and give the dress a princess touch. And the high side slit makes the summer dress super sexy.

Neue Sommer-Kollektion Sommerkleid mit Sweetheart Ausschnitt Blumenmuster weiß

Maxikleid Schulterfrei Schlitz Gänseblumen Hellblau
Boho Maxikleid mit Sweetheart Ausschnitt und hohem seitlichen Schlitz Blumenprint Terrakotta
Langes Sweetheart Kleid weiß mit Rosenmustern und seitlichem Schlitz

We respond to your requests in our new Boho Dress Summer Collection

We have the dress in four different floral prints and colors. Such as the gray and light blue dress with the daisy style floral print.

We also have a white boho dress in an “old Mexico style” rose pattern in pink and rose tones.
Then we have the floral dress in terracotta and a warm sunny yellow. This floral pattern has a retro hippie prairie chic style.

But we also thought of all our black fans this time and made the Sweetheart Maxi Dress in the classic black color as well.

The strap Dress "Little Romance" in Boho Style in our new Summer Collection

With the “Little Romance” strap dress we have designed a summer dress, which is very suitable for different events.

Because it fits both for festive events such as a wedding as a dress for bridesmaids or wedding guests. As well as for casual moments as a romantic summer strap dress for vacation or beach.

We have it in the noble shades of green like mint and bottle green. But also in earth tones like mustard and terracotta.

For the flower girls we have it in olive green and black with flowers.
And at your request, we have also thought of the simple “little black dress” here in the new boho summer dress collection.

Leichte Sommerkleider Mintgrün Taupe-01 Damen Sommer Kleid Maxi Dunkelgrün Flaschengrün Tannengrün
Boho Sommerkleider in Olive und Goldbraun mit Volant und Spaghettiträgern Brautjungfern Kleider Boho Hochzeit Damen Sommerkleid mit Spaghettiträgern
Elegantes Trägerkleid knöchellänge schwarz Spaghetti strap boho dress black with floral pattern