Best festival outfits for the season 2022

This year the festival season will be a lot of fun, because after almost two years of festival cancellation due to the pandemic, at least a little bit of normality has arrived and we can finally celebrate together again. Oh how we missed the Fusion Festival, Rock am Ring or the Melt. And that’s why we would like to give you a couple of festival outfit inspirations to take with you. In this style blog we show you unusual but also practical festival dresses and looks. We also show how you can turn our boho dresses into festival dresses.

Festival outfit must-haves

However, before we get to the stylish festival outfit ideas, we need to think about a few practical things that we need to make our festival experience a memorable one. Important items of clothing, such as a jacket or rubber boots, which we must take to a festival, but which can also become part of the outfit.

Festival Must-Have #1: Wellies

Unfortunately, the weather is not always stable even during the festival season. If you think of the rain on Fusion Festival in 2011 for example, then you know that you can also be unlucky with the weather and it can rain non-stop. But as the saying goes? “There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only improper clothing”! Therefore, a good rubber boot is one of the first things you should bring to the festival. You can also combine the rubber boots with a festival outfit. Luckily Kate Moss made the Wellies festival look into Vogue. In addition, you can feel like a child again and stomp and dance in the puddles with pleasure 🙂

Festival Must-Have #2: Rain Jacket

In order not to let sudden rain showers spoil our enjoyment of dancing, a rain jacket is essential for the open-air party. If we have them with us, we are happy. In addition, a funny rain jacket also goes very well with the rubber boot look.

Festival Must-Have #3: Festival Totem

Who does not know that? As soon as the festival has started, the mobile phone network is spinning around and you can no longer reach your friends. With several thousand people, the buddies are not only out of sight, they are then lost for the time being. And you can only hope that you will meet again at the campsite. If you have a festival totem with your festival crew, you have your little base everywhere. In addition, making the colourful festival staff makes you look forward to the actual festival and is a great memory.

Festival Must-Have #4: Glitter, Fairy Dust and Mardi Gras Makeup

At a festival you can live out your inner child and let your imagination run wild. When the sun is shining, you’re together with your friends for the whole weekend and you’re letting yourself be carried away by the festival atmosphere, then you can underline your childish mood with a little glitter or eye-catching make-up.

It doesn’t matter whether you paint imaginative works of art on each other’s faces or you create a new festival identity for yourself. Festival makeup is fun and definitely allowed.

Festival Must-Have #5: Sunglasses

That speaks for itself and is actually logical. Because sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, they also cover the thick circles under your eyes after the 3rd day of the festival and also look super stylish.

And now we come to the actual festival outfits.

Festival Outfit #1: Batik dress with cowboy boots (rain boots would also work, of course)

With rising temperatures and bass, you can of course wear an airy and light boho festival outfit. Such as and two-piece dress with the unique batik pattern, which is reminiscent of a cloud of smoke. The batik dress paired with cool cowboy boots is casual and practical. Because at festivals I would always advise sturdy shoes, because here and there you can find a broken glass bottle lying on the floor.

The batik festival outfit also goes well with a poncho or a light Cardigan.

These would include, for example, large creole earrings and eye-catching Bracelets do well.


Festival Outfit #2: Short denim shorts, boho kimono, hat and boots

Actually, denim shorts are also one of the must-haves for a music festival. Because you can create a lot of festival outfits with just one piece. For example, the shorts go great with a band t-shirt, crop top or tank top. Jeans hot pants also go well with a cozy sweater or poncho. With a rain jacket or parka. And if it gets too cold around your legs, you can simply put on tights underneath and still look super stylish.

A kimono can then simply be put over it. With a cool boho hat or even a top hat, the festival outfit is complete.

If it gets cooler than just the kimono weather, then a cool parka looks really casual with it.

Boots and rubber boots

Muddy rain boots, chunky Doc Martens or your favourite boots go well with the bohemian look for festivals. They are weather resistant, easy to clean and comfortable.

Festival Look #3: 90s babydoll dress with Doc Martens or sneakers

90s Festival Grunge Outfit Depending on whether you prefer a sporty look or a 90s grunge look, the girly girly dress can be styled in different ways. Because it looks super cute with lace-up boots, such as Docs or white sneakers, if you prefer something more sporty, for example. An oversized denim jacket, a rain parka or a cozy cardigan go well with this. And if you’ve already brought your stylish hat with you, then you can also put it on for this festival look. Otherwise you can wear beautiful braid creations or wear a wreath of flowers. Then there is the festival outfit inspired by the 70s hippie style.
Festival outfits in the 90s style are definitely an interesting alternative for the festival summer.

Festival Outfits #4: Hippie maxi skirt and crop top

That might be my favourite for a festival outfit variant in boho hippie style. A long hippie skirt paired with a crop top, bikini top or bra is feminine, sexy and mysterious. Of course, this look is only suitable in good weather. Because otherwise you drag your dress through the mud puddles.

For example, I would combine a hippie headband or lots of feathers in my hair. Or maybe a nice headscarf.

You can also combine the lace-up boots here.

Festival Outfits #5: Boho Chic Maxi Dress

The boho maxi dress festival outfit is very similar to the crop top with maxi skirt, but here you go a little towards the princess look. Here, for example, I would go for strapless or backless dresses and maybe combine them with a hippie slouch hat or a stylish boho hat. Of course, these maxi dress festival outfits are more for warm and rain-free festival days.

And yes, you can combine a lot of boho jewellery with it and also wear lace-up boots or cowboy boots. Sneakers would also go well with it.