9 casual boho outfits for 2022

Boho outfits are the perfect example of timeless fashion for every woman. Because dresses in bohemian style give your look femininity and sophistication, which is also comfortable and allows freedom of movement. Because these flowing, roomy garments are the perfect embodiment of the idea of ​​freedom in the bohemian lifestyle.

In our boho outfit ideas you will find flowery and colourful dresses, but also monochrome, more classic designs. We also love asymmetric skirts and wrap dresses. But also sexy maxi dresses and long skirts with a slit.

Through the seasons with boho outfits

The bohemian style often prefers light fabrics such as silk or linen for the summer, as well as thicker materials such as wool or leather for cooler days. No matter what time of year, as a bohemian fan, you are sure to find something suitable for every occasion.

These are our boho outfit favourites this year

Now it’s time to explore our bohemian clothing collections to find the perfect outfit that expresses your personality and mood.

Boho outfit for the summer

The airy, casual boho style is perfect for warm summer days. You can enjoy the high temperatures especially in a light and flowing bohemian style dress. The boho style is also particularly suitable for festivals and other summer events. Bright floral pattern boho outfits and flared sleeveless and short dresses are perfect for the warmer months and embody the idea of ​​freedom perfectly.

Boho outfit for autumn winter

Multiple layers are key to staying warm in winter.
To style your fall winter boho outfit, stock up on cozy knitwear, cardigans, and outerwear and wear them over your favorite dresses, skirts and jeans. You can also enjoy wearing bohemian-chic clothes because vintage pieces mix well with new styles to create a look that suits your personality.

Wide trousers, flowing skirts and jeans can also be combined with a coarsely knitted sweater. Oversized cardigans, coats and rough ankle boots complete the wintry bohemian style.

Boho Herbst Winter Kleid
Boho Herbst Outfit Hippie Kleid mit Pullover

Combine your casual boho outfit yourself

Anyone who is familiar with boho outfits also knows that they stand for a certain lifestyle.

As a synonym for creative free spirit and fashionable self-realization, bohemian style is a special lifestyle.

“Bohemian style” is characterised by its individuality and openness, but also has one or the other romantic charm. With countless combinations of colours, patterns, materials and accessories, the boho style guarantees a relaxed yet playful look all year round. Here you can let your creativity run free!

Outfit Inspo Yellow dress with denim jacket outfit for spring
Long mesh cardigan dark red. Long boho cardigan in net look with wide batwing sleeves.

Let patterns do the talking

Boho and flowers belong together. But if you’re not just looking for floral patterns, vintage patterns and leo prints are cool options to give boho fashion a new lease of life to rent.

Get a brief overview of the alternative or No Fashion Trends that are blooming again this year:

Polka dots

Boohoo & Dots! Nothing works better than a polka dot ruffle dress for a vintage garden party. Show up in a polka-dot dress to make sure you Earn points at your next party.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which polka dot dress you like best or when you need it. You’re sure to find your new favourite dress with dots in our shop.


Animal prints

They are wild, elegant and sensual – there are many reasons why we wear animal print dresses! This bohemian chic style is timeless and has been very popular for many years. Whether you want to adorn yourself with a luxe Leo print dress or go wild with your style with a pair of boho tiger print trousers, the possibilities are truly endless.


Indonesian craftsmanship meets boho. With this mixture you have a unique piece in your wardrobe. If you like individual fashion and you like the Tie Dye Pattern, this type of pattern should not be missing this year.


Animal Print Leo Pattern Boho Chic Dress Bohemian Gypsy Maxi Dress
Boho Leo Print Dress fall Winter
Leo Print Boho Outfit

Go for earth tones

All trends in dopamine dressing are bright and eye-catching pops of color, but traditionally, boho clothing isn’t bold about color palettes. Earth tones also give your boho outfit a sound nature on top.

Black, the new chic

Black has often been associated with mourning. But we don’t think that’s up to date and we think a black boho outfit should also find its way into your wardrobe this year.
The color black is elegant, classic and timeless, and it can also be combined in many ways. In our shop you will find exactly these black boho chic outfits.

All in white

Some would say white is too boring for a boho outfit. We prove the opposite.
Whether plain white or with a pattern, the “color” is chic. Our ponchos in white are ideal for combining for a visit to the beach or a day in the office.

Floral freedom

Anyone who thinks of boho fashion or boho outfits immediately associates them with floral patterns. The floral pattern radiates freedom and has been a large part of boho fashion since the beginning.

Floral clothing is simply a faithful companion when it comes to fashion trends. You can rely on the floral pattern. Especially if you like bohemian style dresses. A must in every boho closet.

Make a statement with boho outfit accessories

Make a statement with boho accessories. There are no restrictions when wearing boho accessories. As a rule, the more the merrier, it should be fun and express your personality.

You can wear multiple designs by combining one piece with another. You can come up with absolutely gorgeous designs that will surely represent your full artistic personality. You can also choose and combine amazing necklaces in different colours and textures.

Boho Damen Trägerkleid Blumenmuster Olivgrün Sommer (8)
Romantisches Sommerkleid Prärie Blumen Daisy Sexy

With these 9 boho outfit ideas we would like to give you inspiration for this year and promote your creativity your personality with one (or more) to reflect clothing.

If you are just bubbling over with ideas, then visit our Shop for more ideas.