Bali holidays with children: 10 things to do with children in Bali

Bali is a tropical island paradise that offers plenty of unforgettable family activities for all ages. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or just a quiet place to unwind, Bali has something for everyone. Since many parents have already written to me whether Bali is actually suitable for a holiday with children, I live in Bali myself and have a child, I would like to share my experiences with you in this blog. And give you some suggestions as to what you can do with your kids here in Bali, or what you have to consider. These are all reports from our travels. You are welcome to get some suggestions. But of course everyone should decide for themselves what is best for their children. Also, if I link some products here, then that should also work as an idea. So I’m not getting money from brands here for mentioning them here.

How long does it take from Germany to Bali?

Depending on which airline you fly with and how long your stopover is, the flight alone takes at least 18 hours. In addition, of course, there are the times you are at the airport beforehand to check in.

Bali holiday with children: what to consider when booking a flight?

Fliegen mit Kind
Fliegen mit Kind Baby Bassinet

Is the baby already too heavy or too big for the baby bassinet?

As a rule, the small cots on airplanes have a maximum weight of approx. 15 kilos and are usually too big for babies that are larger than approx. 86 cm. If this is the case, it is best to book a seat as a family where there is still plenty of space, or try to get a seat in the front row with legroom when you check in. In most cases, the airline’s board or ground staff will find a good solution. I’m not talking about low-cost airlines.

Holidays in Bali with a child under the age of two: Do ​​you have to book luggage?

Many airlines allow you to take one piece of hand luggage (e.g. diaper bag) and one extra piece of luggage up to 10 kilos. Please inform yourself urgently on the airline’s homepage. We always found this information there. You can also take a stroller or, for example, a travel seat (maxi-cosi) with you.

Travelling with a child: what to take in your hand luggage?

  • Snacks, sliced ​​fruit, jars of food, quetschis
  • If you no longer breastfeed: milk powder in pre-portioned small Tupperware and thermos flask or finished milk in small bottles, approx. 2 milk bottles,
  • Change of clothes: approx. 2 shirts, 2 pants, wet bag (or plastic bag)
  • Enough diapers, changing pad
  • burp cloth or wet wipes
  • Baby blanket, hoodie, warm socks
  • Favourite toys, books, colouring book and pens, sticker book, I-Pad with cartoons already played
  • Bib and Spoon
  • Drinking bottle for water
  • pacifiers
  • Sling, pram

Two babies at the airportBaby food at the security check

We had no problems with liquid baby food or baby milk during the security check. We were also told that special rules apply to baby food. Luckily!

Snacks: I always cut up some fruit and vegetables (apples, carrots or berries) and take them with me in a small can, and Baby jars or Quetschis very practical when travelling. Our rascal also loves baby corn sticks very much, which we give him to nibble on from time to time. Be sure to pack a spoon and a bib.

Baby milk

And since I personally don’t breastfeed anymore, I calculate how much milk we need depending on the duration of the trip and fill the right amount into small Tupperware containers. At the beginning of the flight, I ask the board staff to fill the thermos bottle with hot drinking water so that I can react quickly if milk is urgently needed. By the way, I always have a bottle of still water with me so that I can prepare the milk bottle at a comfortable drinking temperature.

Pressure equalisation for children on landing and takeoff

My best tip for equalising pressure when starting is breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Since swallowing equalises the pressure. In so many cases, my sweetheart fell asleep straight away. So I put him directly into the baby bassinet and I was able to sleep and eat myself. A pacifier also worked well for our son, since the jaw movements that he makes with the pacifier also equalised the pressure.

Baby blanket, hoodie, warm socks

Since most airlines use strong air conditioning, it can get pretty chilly on the flight. Therefore, a sweater with a zip and hood is very practical. Because you can put it on and take it off quickly and the head/ears can be covered if necessary.

Sufficient entertainment for children

We love the indestructible pixie books because they are so light and flat. Then you can take a few books with you. Of course, colouring books or sticker books are very exciting for slightly older children. We also take teddy and my son’s favourite car with us anytime, anywhere. And yes, when it comes to the I-Pad, parents’ opinions differ. We have decided that we will use it when traveling (but also in other exceptional situations). For the flight we have downloaded a few episodes of Cocomelon from Netflix.

Bali holiday with children: what do I have to pack?

1. sun protection clothing, hat

For the beach, it is best for your kids to wear a long-sleeved swim shirt and a hat. Since our son otherwise rips all his hats off, we gave him a peaked cap that you can tie at the neck. The sun here in Bali is so strong that children’s skin can burn quickly.

2. Baby/kids sunscreen

Here, too, protection factor 50 applies to small children.

3. Mosquito Spray

As a family, we use the same means that the Balinese use on their children and infants. It’s not expensive and you can get this oil in every supermarket here.

Kinder-Uv-Schutzkleidung-für-den-StrandIt is also natural and is used by the Balinese, for example, to treat colds, constipation and itchy mosquito bites. That’s enough for us. Die beiden Öle heißen: Minyak Kayu Putih und Minyak Telon.

There is another natural-based apray here in Bali, which I only sprayed on my son’s clothes, though. It is Utama Spice Begone Bug and you can buy it in almost every big supermarket.

4. Travel Pharmacy Bali

  • Fever thermometer.
  • Something against vomiting and diarrhoea: It is best to get advice from your paediatrician or pharmacist.
  • plaster / wound disinfectant spray.
  • Children/Baby Paracetamol


5. Correct clothes:

Vacationing in Bali with kidsIf you come in the months of June to September, I would advise you to take a light summer jacket or hoodie with you, because it can get a bit chilly in the evenings.

If you come in the rainy season November – March then I would also pack a rain jacket.

Otherwise, your kids need enough swimming gear, T-shirts and sandals 🙂

6. Pajamas (if you want to sleep with air conditioning yourself)

If you want to sleep without air conditioning, a light undershirt or sleeveless bodysuit is really enough for the kids for the night. If you decide to leave the air conditioning on during the night, I would advise you to pack some pajamas.

7. Washing in Bali

It is definitely possible to leave laundry here for washing. When we didn’t have a washing machine ourselves, we used Eco Laundry Services here in Bali because they don’t use any chemicals in the laundry . A little tip, be sure to take a photo of the clothes you handed in, as here and there it can happen that things are mixed up.

Bali holiday with children: 10 things to do with children in Bali

And now we finally come to the exciting activities that you can do with your kids here in Bali. By the way, I wanted to mention again how incredibly child-friendly the people here in Indonesia are. Children are welcome almost everywhere, the locals always have a smile on their face when they see children. For someone who comes from Berlin and people tend to roll their eyes when you walk into a café with a pram, that’s very noticeable. In every shopping mall you will find comfortable (and air-conditioned) breastfeeding rooms and extra changing rooms.

Support from a nanny on vacation in Bali

By the way, for the parents of you who can imagine getting support from a nanny on vacation, you also have the opportunity to do so here. As a rule, the nannies have years of experience in this profession, can swim and are trained in first aid. Usually their hourly rate is between IDR 25,000 – 80,000. You can find out more about it with Google. That’s what a lot of families do when they vacation in Bali. For example, if the parents just want to relax for 1-2 hours.

However, there are also many hotels that offer a children’s program.

1. Park-Life Canggu

Park-Life is a large indoor and outdoor playground that also offers an interesting children’s program. There are slides, swings, a ball pool, bouncy castles, paddling opportunities (bring a change of clothes with you), football pitch, bobby cars and climbing frames. They also offer games and face painting. On some weekends there is even a market with beautiful handmade children’s things.

In addition, Park-Life has a cozy restaurant with a view of the rice fields and delicious food for young and old. There is even a kids club for children from the age of 3, where the children are entertained by trained staff. And then as a parent you can sit in the restaurant, drink your coffee and wave 🙂 That’s what you call “win-win”.

Admission per child is around IDR 75,000 (approx. €5)

The kids club (2 hours) is about IDR 175,000 (about 11,-€)

Just follow them on Instagram and find out about current events. They also have a lot of info on their homepage.


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2. Child-friendly beach in Sanur

The town of Sanur is very suitable for children because of its beach promenade and the calm sea. In other tourist places the waves are very high and for this reason these places are very popular with surfers. However, the waves are too strong for small children. Therefore, I can highly recommend the beach in Sanur. Especially at low tide, small natural “baby pools” form everywhere, where you can splash around. Everywhere there are beach chairs and restaurants right on the beach. And many restaurants and bars offer a great experience for the children, but also for the parents. For example, they have small playgrounds or play areas or child-friendly pools. And on the other side there are loungers for the parents with a view of the children and an unusual menu.

For example, there is the Byrd House, which belongs to the hotel Segara Village Hotel. The hotel is also highly recommended because it has everything for a family vacation. The hotel also offers a small program, such as movie nights under the stars.


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There is also Nelayan Sanur Bay, which also has a playground for kids. I can also recommend Lilla Pantai. It doesn’t have a playground. But it’s right on the beach and the menu is really great. The kids can then just play on the beach and the parents sit right in front of it and can eat in peace and relax as well.


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3. Kids Pool at Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa


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The Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa has a kid-friendly beach club, with a huge multi-depth pool, slides and fountains. There are also family-friendly sun-beds set directly in front of a beach-like pool.

Unfortunately, the food is not as exceptional as at the other beach clubs. Since the menu is geared more towards children. But you can get the menu of the neighboring beach club Azul (where unfortunately small children are not so welcome), and order something from this menu.

Calculates a minimum consumption at all beach bars in Bali. The mostly vary according to the size of the loungers. But from our experience, we’ve always gotten along just fine.

4. Taulan Social Hideout

5. Made's Warung Berawa

The Made’s Warung Berawa is an old-established Balinese Restaurant with good Indonesian food but good breakfast and a kids menu. They also have a large outdoor playground and an indoor children’s play paradise. There are climbing castles, tons of toys, bobby cars, ball pools and much more. There is also childcare available there to look after the children. If you want to take care of your child on your Bali vacation with children, it costs IDR 25,000 (approx. 1.60 €).

The atmosphere there offers a nice family experience for the whole family.

Please do not confuse Made’s Warung Berawa with the Made’s Warung in Seminyak that is there unfortunately there is no children’s playground.


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6. Splash Waterpark Bali

No Bali vacation with children without giant slides: The Splash Waterpark Bali is simply a huge swimming pool adventure park. Even parents become children again. There are a lot of fancy slides that are suitable for different age groups. And lots of interesting splashing and splashing fun.

As a family, you can rent a daybed online the day before if you want to have a good selection. Admission is also cheaper if you reserve at least 24 hours in advance.

IDR 200,000 (tickets, at least 24 hours in advance)

IDR 270,0000 (tickets, previous day)

You can buy tickets on their homepage.


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MILK & MADU is known in Bali for its really good cuisine! Pizza fans in particular will get their money’s worth here. There is a good selection of vegetarian dishes, tasty salads, wraps and burgers.

And the “Cherry on the Top” is the children’s playground, where the kids can also socialize really well. It’s also a great way to get to know other parents. Nice atmosphere for a few hours. So if you are planning a Bali vacation with children, then I can highly recommend it to you.


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8. Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo Löwen

9. Gili Islands

How do you get to the Gilis?

A lot has changed since the pandemic. The many boat companies did not survive the absence of tourists economically, so tickets have become more expensive. In my experience, it is less complicated to book a ticket directly online. A pick-up from the hotel is included in the ticket price. Therefore, you do not have to worry about how to get to the port (Padang Bai) and which ticket booth is on site. In addition, as a tourist without a ticket at the port, you feel like fresh meat among sharks, because there are a lot of extra motivated ticket sellers who are so unfriendly and pushy. It’s always stressful for me. I do want to warn you about that?

We have had good experiences with Eka Jaya so far. They leave Padang Bai twice a day. You can then book the tickets online, which cost around IDR 375.000 (€24.00) per person/per way. We have also sailed with Golden Queen. They also provided good service. The pick up from the hotel usually costs an extra IDR 75.000. If you’re charged more than IDR 1,000,000 incl. Pick-up for one person for a return ticket, then you got a bit overcharged.


Family-friendly accommodations with laid-back beach bars

At Mowie´s Bungalows & Beach Bar Gili Air there is such a relaxed atmosphere. The bungalows are large and cozy and are right on the beach. Since it is on the Sunset side, you can see the most beautiful sunsets. They have a pool which is a plus for the kids. And the owners also provide toys. The kitchen is just amazing. There is a wide range of healthy food. The breakfast, lunch and dinner menu is simply a dream. One of our favourite places on Gili Air. You can easily book the bungalows on

Then there is the Gili Lumbung, which also offers a beach bar and bungalows. We love to spend the day there in the comfortable beach loungers and then watch the sunset in the evening. The menu offers both Indonesian and healthy western food. On some days they throw parties that are legendary. And the owners and waiters are open, friendly and humorous.

Strand auf den Gilis grösster Sandkasten der welt

Gili-Air with kidsThen we as a family also had a great experience at AQUARIUM Gili Air, which is right behind USHA HOTEL & BEACH CLUB GILI AIR is located. The two accommodations work very closely together and I can therefore recommend both accommodations with a clear conscience. They are right on the beach and have a cute little restaurant on the beach where you can watch the sunset.

The aquarium has a beautiful garden at the back with a restaurant serving tapas and sangria. The staff is so cute with kids and very helpful. We felt really good. There is also a small pool.

Tangga-Bungalows-Gili-AirAnd then there’s our favorite place to stay, the Tangga Bungalows, which are great for families. They have large family bungalows and a large garden reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, where the kids can run around. The owners Ika and Satti are so nice, open-minded and treat every guest like family. They also have a young son who is a good playmate for your kids.

In my opinion, being a guest there almost makes you feel like a friend or family member. That’s why your guests keep coming back. Just like us.

Tangga Bungalows is about a 10 minute walk from the harbor and surrounded by the most delicious restaurants. Like the Raja which is right next to it. Raja Bar, by the way, sometimes hosts reggae parties and festivals. Be sure to check their Instagram feed beforehand.


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sunset Gili-AirOne thing I would like to say about the Gilis. Unlike Bali, the islands are Muslim. Therefore prayer calls call several times a day (and night ). It is also not so popular if you visit the supermarkets or walk through the village in swimming trunks and bikini. On the beach it’s all very easy, inland and on the streets I would recommend you just pull something over out of respect for the locals.

Making fun of the mosque singing or getting upset is also very disrespectful to the culture and definitely uncool. Unfortunately, you see that so often with tourists 🙁

10. Ubud Monkey Forest

The Secret Monkey Forest is a tropical fairytale forest in the heart of Ubud with wild cheeky monkeys. It is definitely an exciting experience for children and should not be missing on a Bali holiday with children. Be sure to follow a few rules here. Pack your expensive sunglasses deep in your pocket and take extra care with your mobile phones. The monkeys are little thieves who quickly get hold of things and then destroy them in front of your eyes. I’ve seen this situation multiple times…


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