With the sunny weather that awaits us soon, a touch of Bohemia floats in the air. Natural fabrics like batik dresses have something artistic and fit perfectly into this season. Wearing free-spirited clothes is not only comfortable, but it also reminds us of a simpler time. Boho style evolves over the years and is once again one of the fashion trends this spring/summer.

We reveal to you what fashion trends you can expect. 


Boho Batik Kleid Zweiter Kleid Sommer Hippie Ibiza

The Origin of Batik

Batik material is a type of technique or cloth that is made by dyeing cloth in the Indonesian region called the “Batik Circle.” It’s not made up of one piece, however. Batik is always made up of separate pieces of cloth and then sewn together to form one complete unit.

Since it is made in a process called hand-made, the colors used in the production are more vivid to express the inner beauty in life. In this process, the cloth is impregnated with materials and then soaked with a certain colour dye that causes them to be more visible.


From the very beginning of their existence, bats have taken the role to protect people and things. Its colour is brown, which has been related to mourning in most cultures throughout the centuries. But when people saw it, they began to find a link between this colour and life. Batik is a form of work that symbolizes the protection of living things.

In our modern world, we find that batik is used in daily life as clothes such as batik dresses or to decorate our houses (walls or furniture). In the past, batik clothes were most commonly worn by men, as they were usually more busy at work, so it might be more suitable for them to be wearing them.

As time passed, the use of batik material became less as our society gradually entered the middle class and some people even abandoned it. Recently, batik has become one of the fashion trends again with the influence of the Boho Chic dresses style and the return of earth-coloured batik dresses.

The Origin of Boho Chic Dresses

Bohemian style has a long history, and its aesthetics emerged in the late 60’s and 70’s. This style, also known as “Boho Chic” or “Boho”, features a variety of natural materials, earth tones, and hippie-like patterns.

The origin of the Bohemian style is strongly correlated with Bohemianism, a counterculture that emerged in France after the French Revolution. During this period, many artists fell into poverty because they were deprived of their former support system.

In this revolutionary era of freedom, the Bohemian spirit of hippie aesthetics has established itself in the fashion industry, rooted in the lifestyle of gypsies and nomadic traveling artists. The Boho Chic Dress first appeared over 50 years ago, but the designers of the largest fashion houses continue to be inspired by this style and often incorporate it into their collections.


Batik Kleider

The Bohemian style, which has remained essentially unchanged for many years, has been associated with young people who want to stay away from the material culture of previous generations.


It created a more modern counterculture style.

Fashion often includes Boho Chic dresses, but life itself replaces mainstream culture, with a longing for personal freedom, a rejection of modern materialist concepts, a utopian ideal dream, and the production of handmade goods.


Patterns, boho styles and fabrics that you should not miss in 2022!


Festival Outfit Hot Pants
Boho Hippie Jumpsuit Sommer


Today’s shorts are often inspired by art. Look for patterns in bright colors to make the shorts appear less formal and more playful. Short shorts with boho motifs will define the look of the coming seasons.

70er Jahre Zweiteiler Kleid Senfgelb


The next season’s trend is boho-inspired blouses. With their loose fit, they create a feminine, free-flowing charm. The most suitable for day trips and relaxing moments. Boho-inspired blouses add color, playfulness, and a cheerful vibe and are perfect for everyday life.


From the next summer season will be very popular pleasant soft cotton fabric muslin, which gives the dress an interesting and light appearance. It is something like being in love. Muslin cloths are not only very comfortable. It looks summery, casual, and elegant at the same time.

Sommer Trägerkleider Taupe Minzgrün Volant-01


Flowers like the ones you find at your grandmother’s house will once again be popular. Floral motifs are very popular among the young – that’s also the reason for the big interest in Boho Bohemia style.

Boho summer dresses floral pattern

Mixed Patterns

Also in this season, it will be easier to see patterns in spring/summer. Not just one, but an unusual combination of several: stripes, floral motifs, stripes and dots, and more! It will look like a painting with a new interpretation. The Bohemian look will suit most women, so it won’t get boring in this look.

Boho Damen Trägerkleid Blumenmuster Olivgrün Sommer (13)
Maxikleid Schulterfrei Schlitz Gänseblumen Hellblau

It is no surprise, then, why the fashion industry is constantly being updated. Boho Chic dresses have come to symbolize everything good and beautiful in life. 

Boho Chic dresses are the ever-evolving one in the fashion industry, the style that will suit your personal taste is flexible like the boho culture itself. There are many combinations that may appeal to you. So, let’s see what you can find in our collection!