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Beautiful boho jewelry from Bali handmade with love

Anyone who has ever visited this fantastic tropical island Bali can maybe share this feeling with me. Because Bali is just a magical place full of positive energy.

Bali is also known for its exceptional handicrafts. You can find beautiful paintings as well as wood and stone sculptures there. But also special jewelry.

Because the silver jewelry craft is also part of the Balinese culture and is mostly passed on from generation to generation in the family business.

The special thing about jewelry from Bali is the loving handwork with simple traditional means. There is so much love and diligence in every single piece of jewelry that you can even see it in the silver jewelry from Bali. Apart from that, the jewelry design from Bali has a significant and recognizable character.

Bali jewelry handmade

Shell Jewelry Cowrie Shell Ring from Bali 925 Sterling Silver
Mondstein Ring Tropfen-Förmig Statement Ring Silber Bohemian Style (7)

Bali jewelry – handmade, fair and sustainable

Our beautiful boho jewelry is also handmade with love in Bali. We work with various family-run or single jewelry manufacturers in Bali.
Fair production, sustainability and ethics are very important to us. So we have had an almost friendly cooperation with our Balinese silversmiths for several years.

Our Bali jewelry is made of real 925 sterling silver or fine brass and real precious and mineral stones. We also offer gold-plated boho jewelry.

In addition, we also offer hippie jewelry made from natural materials such as shells, feathers and macrame yarn.

Statement Rings Silver Bohemian Style

Boho rings in Bali style

We have a colorful mix of enchanting boho rings in our Bali jewelry collection for you.
That means, we have fine, almost minimalist rings as well as striking statement rings in bohemian style.
These include the beautiful gemstones moonstone, labradorite, malachite, rose quartz, onyx and lapis lazuli among our favorites.

You can also find beautiful silver rings with a cowrie shell in our online shop.

Shell jewelry shell ring statement ring

Boho Silber Ring Malachtit 925 Silber handmade in Bali Hippie Schmuck
Feine Boho Statement Ring Onyx Boho Ibiza Style
Boho Statement Ring Mondstein Ring 925 Silber Handgefertigt in Bali Hippie Schmuck
Boho Statement Ring Rosenquartz Bali Silber Schmuck
Statement ring moonstone Perfect gift for woman on christmas or birthday
Shell Ring 925 Silver Gold Plated Made in Bali - Cowrie Ring Silver from Bali
Ring cowrie shell 925 silver from Bali handmade boho style
Gold plated coin necklace Coin chain moon phases boho medallion necklace moonstone witchy necklace silver gold plated
Boho Halsketten Münz Ketten vergoldet Pentagramm Ohrringe Messing
Boho Ohrringe Creolen Ohrringe Münz Anhänger Auge Mondstein 925 Silber Vergoldet Wood earrings coconut hoop earrings boho style