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Boho knit fashion

Boho Strick Mode Boho Chic Herbst Winter Outfit Kleidung Midikleid und Pullover Braun BeigeBoho Knitwear Fashion for Everyone 🙂

I’m a huge fan of knit sweater outfits in autumn and winter. Because they are not only warm and cuddly, but also very stylish in combination with jeans or leggings. Here I want to show you my favorite boho knitwear for the fall and winter season.

So if you’ve found this blog, then you’re probably looking for boho knit fashion or outfit inspiration with knitwear for fall and winter. Take a look at our selection of Boho Knitwear. From cardigans to hoodies, Sweaters and more. In this blog I will show you different autumn/winter outfits that you can combine with our boho knitwear together with our Boho chic dresses for this season. Do you like to wear cardigans and hoodies? Or are you a fan of chunky sweaters? Maybe you are also someone who likes a cozy sweater made of soft material. Then you definitely have to read on.

Because when it’s getting colder outside and the trees are shedding their leaves, that’s the perfect time to stock up on your autumn and winter wardrobe.

How to combine boho knitwear?

Boho knitwear is the perfect way to look cute and cozy while staying warm this fall and winter. With so many items of clothing to wear, it can be overwhelming at first. Questions arise like “Is it warm enough? Can I wear short sleeves? Can I wear a sweater with my dress?

Keeping warm doesn’t have to mean simply wrapping up in lots of layers and only indulging in thick jeans for the cold season. With a smart selection of cold-weather clothing, you can still dress stylishly and feminine in the boho look.

With our latest “Mermaid” collection we have a large selection of boho knitwear, such as cardigans of all kinds, cropped hoodies and off-shoulder sweaters. They’re made to keep you warm and cozy all season long, but also to show off your boho style. Whether you’re staying at home or planning a stroll around town, you’ll feel great in any of these pieces.

Boho Knit Fashion: Pointelle Cardigans

There are many types of knitted cardigans that you can wear for a variety of occasions. I would like to introduce you to our long pointelle cardigans, which round off every boho outfit perfectly. And this in every season. We have the midi cardigan with the beautiful Pointelle pattern in three different colours, which can be perfectly combined with our Boho Chic dresses.

For a 70s boho-chic look, which is suitable for everyday or as an office outfit, you can wear the long mesh cardigan combine with the wide-cut linen dress. You can wear the mini dress made of linen cotton either loosely or fitted. And if you go for the form-fitting option, you can either use the belt that comes with it, or wear your own leather belt that might even match your shoes and bag. Or you can also try wearing the belt over the cardigan, for example.

Comfortable biker or cowboy boots, which you can then combine with warm wool tights, go well with the look. This is how you conjure up an autumn winter look for everyday life that is casual, cuddly and stylish. This Pointelle cardigan is also suitable for the evening, for example if you are looking for an after-work look.


Boho Outfit Jeden Tag Leinenkleid Strickjacke
Boho Herbst Outfit erstes Date Kino
Boho Outfit Studentin Uni Bib Jeden Tag
Boho Chic Büro Outfit Herbst Winter
Sexy Boho Herbst Winter Look mit Babydollkleid und Overknee Stiefeln
Alternativer Boho Hippie Look Herbst Winter leichte Strickjacke Leinen Kleid Baumwolle

Our “Mermaid” knitwear line just keeps getting better and better – and now it’s easier than ever to find something that fits your style.

Boho style is all about the details: the oversized sweaters and cardigans, cropped hoodies and baggy pants. The look is all about comfort – you should be able to move in your clothes without feeling like anything is too tight or bothersome.

Gemütliche Pulloverzeit Herbst Winter

Boho knit fashion: oversize / kimono cardigans

Boho outfit leopard skirt and oversize cardigan redThese are the absolute all-rounders in our “Mermaid” boho knit fashion, because the special thing about our oversize and kimono cardigans is that they can be used both as a warm cardigan and as a casual throw. For example, our kimono cardigan can also be used really well as a bikini cover-up.

In addition, the unit size is well suited for clothing sizes 34-44/46. A cardigan has to do that first 🙂

The wide-cut cardigans with the net-like coarse knit pattern give the look an extra portion of bohemian style. It doesn’t matter whether you wear the kimono jacket over a short babydoll dress or a Maxi dress styled.

Again, you can try wearing a belt over the cardigan if you want it to be tailored.

Oversize cardigan and short linen dress

70s retro look boho outfit everyday officeAn oversize kimono cardigan combined with a tunic dress looks particularly casual. This boho look works in both spring and summer. But also in autumn and winter. Instead of Roman sandals, which you might wear in summer, you simply wear biker boots and warm tights.

Depending on which accessories you choose for this look, you can make the boho outfit elegant for everyday use. And even styled so casually that you could wear it to a festival without any problems. Combine the look with flat lace-up or biker boots with a playful boho hat or top hat. Paired with it, for example, a hippie leather belt bag. Then you have conjured up a cozy hippie festival outfit.

You can also simply create a boho-chic look by combining high boots, elegant tights and a chic handbag, for example.

Boho Strick-Cardigan Lang Fledermausärmel Olovgrün
Sommer Cardigan Olivgrün Boho Style

Underboob knitted Hoodie

Boho Underboob Knitted Hoodie Boho Hippie BlackThe short knitted sweaters with a hood are among the old hands in our “Mermaid” Boho Knitwear Fashion Collection and are still the absolute bestsellers today. They are so popular with our customers because the design of the hoodie is simply unique and they look pretty cool when you wear the hood on your head like a headscarf.

The mesh hoodie is well suited as a summer sweater. However, they are also perfect for autumn and winter. It all depends on what you wear underneath. You can put on a bikini under the mesh sweater and wear it with denim shorts in summer. Or a long-sleeve shirt or t-shirt in autumn and winter.

Because the short hoodie is so popular with our customers, we now have it in a wide range of colours. These can also be beautifully combined with our hippie skirts. And since this autumn season even in a long version, as many of our customers have requested.

Mermaid Hoodie Short Olive Weltentänzer Berlin
Mermaid Hoody Crochet Black

Boho knit fashion: off-shoulder net knit sweater

Boho Chic Fall Winter Outfit Clothing Midi Dress and Sweater Brown BeigeLike crop hoodies, our mesh pullovers are long-established members of our Boho knit fashion family. Thanks to the wide neckline, the oversize sweater can also be worn off the shoulder. And, just like the short hoodie or the ponchos, it is suitable as an airy summer sweater, but also as a cozy autumn and winter sweater. Again, it all depends on what you wear under the sweater.

That’s why we also have it in great colors that go great with our dresses. In the video you can see, for example, how I combine the chunky knit sweater with our long-sleeved autumn dress and then stow it in the belt so that the sweater looks shorter and makes the outfit a little more figure-hugging.

Since the cut is a bit oversized, the knit sweater with the coarse stitches not only looks casual, it also fits many of you out there who have a size 34-42.

Submarine Collar Hoodies

Hooded black boat neck sweaterGypsy Fall Winter Outfit Style - Hoodie black with boat necklineAnd then we come to the new, slightly warmer knit sweaters from the “Mermaid” knit collection, our submarine collar hoodies. Due to their thickness, these are really something for colder days. The special thing about the elegant women’s sweaters is the unusual U-boat collar when you wear it without the hood on your head. The hood is nice and wide at the back and lies on the back like a wide collar.

It looks very elegant and can be worn both with our maxi skirts and over our boho dresses.

The boho chic sweater is particularly interesting when you wear the hood on your head because it almost looks like a headscarf.


Hippie Pullover mit Kapuze in Wollweiß U-Boot Kragen (1)
Boho Hoodie Black boat neckline. Cuddly sweater with hood in black.
Boho Hoodie Olive Boat Neck - Goa Hippie Fashion Online

Submarine collar sweater with hood here in our shop

Warm chunky knit midi cardigan with pockets

Autumn outfit for every day Olive green tunic dress linen and off-white knitted cardiganBoho hippie chic fall lookThis long cardigan is also more for the cold season because it is a bit thicker and warmer. You can also combine the oversize cardigan with our summer dresses, for example, if you don’t want to part with the light boho dresses in autumn and winter. Watch the video here to see how easy it is to transform your summer dress into a feminine boho autumn look with the help of the cozy cardigan.

However, the midi cardigan also looks really cute with short dresses or a tunic, for example. Here you can, for example, tailor the outfit and wear a casual belt over the knitted cardigan.

Boho Herbst Outfit Tunika Olivgrün und Oversize Cardigan Wollweiss
Boho Herbst Outfit Maxiklleid mit Strickjacke
Oversize Cardigan Strickjacke Schwarz