Fashion Blog:
How you can wear your summer dress in autumn / winter!

Our styling tips on how to turn your summer dress into a stylish and, above all, warm autumn-winter outfit!

Whenever the summer leaves us and it gets cold outside. We sadly also say goodbye to our beautiful and colorful summer dresses. But we have news for you: It doesn’t have to be like this.
Because with the right combination, you can also wear your summer dresses in autumn and winter! And in this fashion blog, we’ll show you a few tips and tricks on how to make your summer clothes winterproof!

Boho Outfit Das kleine Schwarze

Hippie Style Kleider Deustchland Faire Kleidung Deutschland

Wearing summer dresses also in winter? Why not! So you don´t have to be apart of your favorite summer items. Or even get a completely new wardrobe for the cold days of the year.

In addition, you maybe also want to go in the direction of the “slow-fashion” movement and wear your clothes consciously and sustainably.

Furthermore, we think that the light summer fabrics such as viscose match beautifully with thick knitwear. And also give the otherwise so simple winter outfits an extraordinary Bohemian look. Because the colorful and wildly patterned summer items spice up a bit the most dreary and monotonous autumn-winter styling.

Our style inspirations are designed to help you find your boho fall look with your favorite dress from the summer collection!

The combination must-haves

Of course, the autumn-winter outfit is not just about the stylish look. Above all, the clothes must also keep you warm during the cold season. That’s why you need a few basics in the closet, which are necessary for any warm autumn-winter outfit combination. Before we get more detailed with our styling tips, we have briefly summarized the most important combination parts for you:

  • Warm tights / thermal tights
  • Warm boots
  • Oversize cardigan / cardigan
  • Cotton longsleeves in white and black
  • Overknee stockings and / or overknee boots
  • Wool hats and chic boho hats
  • Warm and cuddly scarves

Now that we know the basics that are needed, we can talk more about them with our outfit ideas.

Boho Autumn Outfit #1 : Floral-Mini Dress

Kurzes Boho Kleid Langarm Blumen Tunika Kleid KurzBoho Herbst Winter Outfit Blumen Tunika Cardigan SchwarzBasically, almost any mini dress can be transformed into a tunic. Because it also can be worn with tights, leggings or skinny jeans.
Add a matching oversize cardigan and you’ve already conjured up a flowery color high-light in your autumn outfit. With our “Nelly’s got Love” dress, you can also create a little more warmth in the outfit with a longsleeve top underneath.

Boho Autumn-Look-Combination #2 : Maxi Dress with Boots and cuddly Sweater

Boho Maxikleider Damen Herbst Winter Kollektion Boho Chic Kleid Lang

Boho Style herbst Winter - Herbstfarben OutfitThis boho styling combo is now also seen more often on fashion influencers, such as Gigi Hadid. For us it doesn´t make sense to leave your favorite maxi dress in the closet during the cold season. Because it just looks so super sexy with a matching sweater and boots with a high shaft or even overknee boots. And furthermore this outfit keeps you warm.

With this style, our “Shot by Love” maxi dress just looks gorgeous to the new “Mermaid” hoodie. And it is also super nice and warm.

Fall-Look #3 : Maxi Skirt with Overknee-Boots and Hoodie

Boho Herbst Outfit Hippie Hoodie MaxirockPolka Dot Maxirock schwarz weißThis is a very similar look to the aforementioned maxi dress style. Only here we also have the opportunity to emphasize  the waist more, for example with a belt.

For example, our beautiful polka dot maxi skirt looks so great with high boots and hoody.

If you are wondering which jacket suits best to this outfit. We think that leather jackets, short coats or faux fur jackets look great on this look. But even floor-length coats are a very good idea for this style. In addition, they keep you warm in winter with almost every outfit.

Boho Style Idea for autumn #4: The “little black dress” with a knitted cardigan, warm tights and boots

Langer Netz Cardigan OlivgrünGypsy Dress Shoulder Free BlackAnother good example of being able to wear your favorite summer dress in fall-winter. Is the so-called “little black dress”. Such as our asymmetrical off shoulder dress “Moonlight Sonata”. It can also be worn great on cold days with a few simple combination tricks. Here, of course, comes again the important thermal tights in use. And also a cuddly soft knit cardigan and some warm boots. And already the black summer dress is transformed into a stylish boho autumn outfit.