Meet our tailor from Bali: UmiTailor From Bali Umi Fair Fashion Made with Love in Bali

I would like to introduce you to our talented tailor from Bali, Umi. The creative mind that has helped me to create my fashion ideas into reality. She is a very hearted person, a loving wife and mother and a very good career woman.

Umi owns a small atelier in the center of Bali, tailoring and selling fancy and fashionable hijabs, as well as other pretty dresses. Together with her husband and her sweet children, she also lives in her studio at the same time. This is a great way for them to manage job, household and children together.

Tailor from Bali Fair Trade FashionShe told me that she used to work in a large tailoring mass production hall and sometimes spent up to 13 hours a day there without seeing her family at all. At some point she did collect her courage and started her own little business. Which also gives her the opportunity to be there for her family.

Umi is very talented and above all a very good tailor with a professional eye for quality and attention to detail.
It’s so much fun to work with her. Not only, that we are on a same level in our expectations to high quality standards. I also feel always so welcome in her shop, which is also her home. I am very grateful to have met her. I am so much looking forward to work with her positive energy for the future collections.

Tailor From Bali Umi Fair Fashion

Fashion is fun. It is also a way to live out and express oneself creatively. However, it is even more fun to know that the people who created it are happy, too. That they love what they are doing. So the “love” can also flow in the products. I think that this has been succeeded in our fashion.

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