One item – Many Outfits: Organize your wardrobe and get rid of clothes you don´t wear!

Which of us girls don’t experience this on a daily basis? A stuffed wardrobe and nothing to wear!! It feels like three million years before the apparition horror and then still not finding anything you´re satisfied with.

And do you wanna know how this phenomenon arises? I’ll tell you! There is just too much in your wardrobe! You can’t see the forest through the trees!! Or better said: You can’t see the style for the clothes!

The solution to this problem is so close! You can easily clear and organize your wardrobe and create yourself a nice overview in it. This cleanup action is actually a must-do about every half year. One does not believe what beautiful treasures can be found in the Bermuda wardrobe.


The best way to do it is to combine this with a fun evening with your girlfriends and a bottle of Prosecco. On one hand they can give you honest and excellent fashion advice. On the other hand, you can make your girlfriends so happy by giving them some pieces you have sorted out. Maybe this one item suits your friend so well that it will become her favourite piece. A big plus is that this beautiful piece you had such a hard time to let go of, will stay in the “family”. Sometimes it even happens that these clothes will return to you and accompany you delightfully on your way again.

If there are pieces that neither you nor your gals can use anymore then only one solution applies: Just get rid of it!  Red Cross, Vintage Shop or Ebay! There are so many possibilities to give the sorted pieces a further quality of life. 

Make the best of your closet-dumpster action by the following clothes piles:

  • “Girlfriends pile”: these are pieces of clothing that you do not wear yourself, but would be excellent for one of your friends.
  • “Donate pile”: clothes that you and your friends don’t want, end up on this pile. Expand room in your wardrobe and do a good deed at the same time.
  • “Eternal companions pile”: garments that you forget every now and then, or which you´re annoyed of. But these ones always find their way back to you somehow by wearing them again. Stowed away in boxes, after some time you look forward to the old long not seen outfit as about a whole new piece of clothing.

Once you have finally passed this step of “liberation” you finally get an overview and space for some new things. Oooor you follow the principle of multifunctional fashion and skilfully create many outfits with less pieces. Who hasn´t experienced that? Going on a vacation and suddenly you discover your fashion combination talent. Here we want to give you some ideas how to create many outfits out of just one favorite item. So let us introduce to you our miracle talent: The super cuddly “Mermaid” poncho. It is super soft and gives you a fantastic comfortable fit. Our hippie knit poncho is also very handy for travels. It´s super light and takes up just a little space in your bag. And beyond that, it offeres many wearing and combination, in all seasons.

Our Mermaid Collection is perfect to combine with many outfits. Have a look at these styles.

One item – many outfits! 

1.Styling: Festival Summer Boho Outfit: “Mermaid” poncho with jeans shorts or leggings and cool boots.


2. Beach outfit: Just throw our “Mermaid” poncho over your bikini or style it with sarong as a skirt.


3. Hippie Chic: the long hippie skirt

4. Casual hippie look: Combine the “Mermaid” poncho to a long hippie pants, shorts or skinny jeans


Have a look in our shop to see if you like our Mermaid collection and show us what styles you can create with only one new item in your wardrobe. Please feel free to send your pics to us. We would be more than happy to publish your styles here too.