Pretty and stylish in pregnancy is also possible without pregnancy fashion

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you ended up on this fashion blog, then you are probably looking for nice and clever styling tips for your baby bump.

Maternity clothes are all well and good, but you don’t actually have to buy a completely new wardrobe for clothes that you probably don’t need again. Or maybe pick up again for the second or third child.

Actually, it is much nicer if you stay true to your style during pregnancy and can still wear your clothes during and after pregnancy.

In this fashion blog we show you our favorite boho dresses for summer, which are also great as boho maternity clothes. But also perfect as nursing dresses in bohemian style.

Boho nursing dress summer flowers wrap dress maxi dress hippie style
Boho nursing dress summer floral wrap dress maxi dress hippie style long summer dress

Summer boho maternity wear: Our “Frieda and the Moon” wrap dresses are perfect for this

Our Boho Dress has long proven itself as an all-round talent for wrapping.

Because of its wrapping technology, it can be adapted to the figure and is therefore suitable for clothing sizes 34-40. But even with dress size 42, it fits many girls out there very well if the bust size is no more than cup size D. Otherwise it could be a bit too narrow upstairs.

However, our customers love the beautiful maxi dress because of its versatility. Because it is totally beautiful as a summer dress for pregnancy.

Due to its adaptability, the bohemian dress “grows” with your stomach.

In addition, the A-line of the dress cuts a fine figure and really shows off the baby bump.

Boho summer floral dress with butterfly sleeves
Boho summer dress wrap dress light blue gray dress short sleeve

Our Frieda dress is also great as a boho nursing dress for summer

Even after pregnancy, many of my customers still wear this wrap dress as a nursing dress for the summer.

Since it is very flexible at the top, it makes breastfeeding really easy.

The boho maxi dress is a styling tip from us even after pregnancy

Who says that after pregnancy you only have to walk around in a sloppy sweater and jeans? Because his female curves newly gained through pregnancy may be emphasized. It’s all a matter of feeling good.

Our summer dresses have a slight empire cut. Thus, they are figure-hugging at the waist under the chest and run a little further around the abdomen and hips.

For this reason, this A-line cut of the maxi dress is a real “feel-good cut” in my opinion.

Babydoll for baby bump

babydoll dress cut is also a perfect cut for the baby bump. But it is also a nice mini dress even after pregnancy.

In any case, the tummy looks super cute with the wide girly cut. Also emphasizes the legs nicely.

Babydoll Pachamama Nah
Babybelly Dress Frill

Why buy pregnancy fashion extra when you can also use your dresses for it?

Since there is not a particularly large selection of maternity wear in boho or hippie style, and many are more “stale”.

You can easily transform your own boho clothing into maternity clothing. It is therefore good to have some clothes in your closet that you can wear well before, during and after pregnancy.

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