This is how you style your boho summer dress for autumn-winter

Warm cardigan: a must-have for the autumn look

Of course, the warmth has to be provided first, so I first of all combined a colour-matching, cuddly soft cardigan in the colour cream-white. The two colours match very nicely with each other and give a bright, fresh autumn look.

The cardigan also looks a bit more casual if you roll up the sleeves.

Combine with a belt

Since I prefer it to be figure-hugging and the oversize or long cardigan is relatively chunky, I emphasise my waist with a wide belt that I wear over the cardigan. So I can also wear the long cardigan wide open and thus show off the dress a little more.

A round scarf not only brings warmth, but is also a beautiful accessory

And if you feel a bit chilly around your neck, then you can, for example, wear a nice loop scarf or a Add a stylish scarf to it. After all, the onion look is about additional layers 😉

Boho Hippie Chic Herbst Look

Boho dress with warm cardigan

Boho Oversize Cardigan Grobstrick Strickjacke Beige Cremeweiß Wollweiß
Boho Sommer Kleid mit Cardigan und Gürtel über Cardigan

Perfect your autumn outfit with the right shoes and accessories

However, I can get one good thing out of autumn and winter, and that is: I can finally wear my favourite autumn boots again. I mean, I still wear them on cold summer days or festivals because I miss them so much. But in the cold season I can take them out of the shoe closet almost every day.

And if you also have such all-round talent boots, then you can also combine them with an ankle-length dress, such as our ankle-length strap dress ” Wear Little Romance”.

Nice lace-up boots or cowboy boots go well with this outfit.

Of course, I have a lot of bags that go with my best shoes in the shoe stable. For my Every Day Boho Autumn Outfit, however, I chose my Oversize Vintage Clutch, because it makes the look a bit more feminine and somehow I felt like it with this styling.

Because we always dress according to our mood and our current feeling about life and body.

Herbst Outfit mit Boots
Boho Herbst Winter Kleid Cardigan und Kleid
Retro Style Herbst Styling

Summer dress for autumn and winter

And this is my finished boho fall outfit for every day with my spaghetti strap dress. It is really suitable as an autumn office outfit, a date outfit to the cinema or simply for a nice walk in the city. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest for more outfit inspiration.

Boho Herbst Outfit Sommerkleid als Herbstkleid tragen