Tie a sarong: This is how you can wear a sarong in different ways!

5 ways to tie your Sorong!

A sarong is an all-round talent. Because this beautiful and colorful cloth is very versatile.

Of course, you already know by yourself that the large piece of fabric can be used as a beach towel or as a picnic blanket in the park.
But this large hippie scarf can do much more.

And we show you here in our fashion blog how you can convert your sarong into a bikini cover in form of a beach dress or skirt.

Or how you can wear it as a scarf, bandana or headscarf.Batik Saron Strandtuch Hippie Tuch
Batik Sarongs aus Bali

What is a sarong?

A sarong, or pareo, is actually just a piece of cloth made of a typical regional fabric or with folklore patterns.

Especially in Southeast Asia, but also in the South Pacific, the sarong is worn as a skirt with a certain wrapping technique by both men and women.

In Bali it is part of traditional clothing. And, especially if you want to visit a temple, it is imperative.

Sarong in the temple

As a sign of respect, every temple visitor must wear a sarong (camben) when entering a temple. So as to cover the lower part of the body. As a rule, this is tied around the waist and must fall to the ankles.

It is common for men to wrap their sarong from left to right. And the ladies, as a sign of balance to the man, wear their sarong tied from right to left.

Out of respect for Balinese culture, it is also advisable for every tourist to cover their shoulders.

And it is very important that a temple must never be entered when you have your days.

Traditionell Balinesisches Outfit
Traditionelles Balinesisches Outfit im Tempel
Balinesische Kultur

Tie the sarong as a beach dress

For example, you can tie your beautiful batik scarf to a neckholder dress, in which you simply knot the two ends at the back neck.

However, you can also wear your sarong beach dress off the shoulder. You simply tie the sarong together at the cleavage.

In addition, you can also tie the bottom end to better close the dress.

Another styling tip: combine a belt. And you already have a casual boho beach outfit or resort wear styling.

Bali Batik Sarong Strand Tuch Tuch Schal Braun Hippie Tuch
Bali Batik Sarong Strand Tuch Tuch Schal Braun Hippie Tuch (6)
Bali Batik Sarong Strand Tuch Tuch Schal Braun Hippie Tuch (9)
Beach Dress Beach Cover Resort Wear

Sarong tie wrap skirt to the beach

An alternative to the sarong dress is the beautiful cloth wrap skirt variation as a bikini cover-up.

To conjure up a beach maxi skirt, you simply wrap two ends together at the waist. And you already have a stylish hippie skirt with a side slit.

However, you can also wear the scarf as a mini skirt. You just have to fold the sarong in the middle and then tie it around your waist. You then knot the two ends together again.

As an additional eye catcher you can combine our “Mermaid” ponchos.

Batik Zebra Muster Tuch Sarong Strand Tuch Beach Decke
Beach Wrap Skirt Beach cover
Hippie Beach Styles Sarong as Dress

Use beach towel as a scarf

And if you are not on vacation on the beach, you can still enjoy your Bali Sarong. Because the beautiful batik scarf also looks great as a scarf or neckerchief.

Because the colorful hippie towels are cozy, light and keep you warm.

And my absolute favorite trick on festivals or vacations.

Wear it as a scarf first and then quickly convert the large cloth as a beach towel or seat pad as soon as you need one.

Schal Strandtuch Picknick Decke Mint Grün Sommertuch
Boho Tie Dye Scarf
Hippie Tuch Schal
Hippir BAtik Tuch Orange Sarong

Sarong can also be worn as a hat

Many of my customers also simply use the scarves as stylish headgear.

Because turbans are a big part of the Bohemian style for many girls out there.

You also save yourself a lot of packing for the holiday. At the same time, a sarong also thought of a head covering.

Which also looks super casual.Boho Turban Hair towel headscarf
Boho Turban Hair towel headscarf
Boho Turban Hair towel headscarf

Sarong Tuch Hippie Batik Schal Strand Tuch Gelb Boho Ethno Bikini Cover Up Kopftuch
Bali Batik Sarong Strand Tuch Tuch Schal Braun Hippie Tuch (3)
Bali Batik Sarong Strand Tuch Tuch Schal Braun Hippie Tuch (8)