Cropped Underboob Shirt Hoodies

Your style, your uniqueness: Underboob Shirt Shirt and Crop Hoodies

Underboob shirts are the equivalent of a cleavage, as they are usually closed above the breasts and playfully conceal something below the breasts. They give the whole outfit that certain something. Here are more reasons why our stylish cropped knit hoodies are an asset to your wardrobe:

Boho Undeerboob Strick Hoodie Boho Hippie Schwarz

Express your personality: Our underboob crop hoodies are more than just pieces of clothing. They allow you to show your personality in a unique way and showcase your own style. Because you can wear and style them in a variety of ways.

COMFORT AND STYLE: Each crop top is designed not only for its appearance, but also for maximum comfort. The combination of soft knitted fabrics and the special mesh look not only gives you a comfortable feeling, but also an unusual style.

Versatile fit: No matter your shape, our knitted underboob shirts fit perfectly. And therefore they fit sizes 34 to 40. So we have a suitable item of clothing for almost every figure.



Knit Hoodie Kapuzenpullover mit Kapuze Rostbraun
Boho Crop Hoodie Black mesh hoodie

Suitable for every season: No matter whether summer, autumn or winter – our underboob crop hoodies can be combined in many ways and suit every occasion. Worn solo in summer, layered in fall and winter – your style options are diverse.

How to style underboob shirts and crop hoodies:

Our underboob hoodies are designed so you can create your own look. Here are some inspirations:

Flatter Maxi Rock Hippie Maxirock Beige CreamHippie Kleidung Häkel Top Hoody Pullover Sommerpulli Weltentänzer Berlin OliveCasual summer look: Combine the cropped knit hoodie with a high-waist maxi skirt and sandals for a relaxed summer look. Add some bracelets and headpieces to complete your style.

Flatter Maxi Rock Hippie Maxirock Beige Cream Boho Sommer Rock
Flatter Maxi Rock Hippie Maxirock Beige Cream Boho Sommer Rock

Hippie Herbst Outfit Kurzer Hoodie und RockKnit Sweater with Hood Rust Light brownAutumnal layering look: Wear the underbust shirt under an open cardigan or oversized coat for a trendy layering look. Complete the look with ankle boots and a trendy hat.

Hippie Herbst Outfit Blumenkleid Strick Hoodie
Boho Herbst Mode Kurzer Hoodie Mint brauner Midi Rock mit Schlitzen in braun Blumen

Winter charm: Worn under a long coat or jacket, the underbust shirt brings a certain sophistication to your winter look. Combine it with chic trousers and boots for an elegant look.

Make it your own:

The beauty of fashion is that it is a form of personal expression. Feel free to experiment and find your own unique style with our underboob shirts and crop hoodies. You are not only a trendsetter, but also an individualist who expresses her personality through fashion.


Fair Production in Bali

Made in BaliWayan Knit Wear Fair Trade BaliProduction takes place in Bali, a place that is known not only for its breathtaking nature, but also for the craftsmanship of its people. Since the beginning of our company, we have worked closely with Wayan, who not only knows her craft, but with whom we have also developed a close friendship that goes beyond the business relationship.

Our underboob knitted hoodies are all-round talents

Kurzer Netz Hoodie RotBoho Crochet Hoody Weltentaenzer Berlin

What makes our hoodies special is not only their unique design, but also their outstanding features. These hoodies not only dry super quickly, but also remain wonderfully soft and cozy even after numerous washes. The high-quality materials we use ensure that the hoodies keep their shape and last for a long time.

The lightness of the hoodies makes them a versatile companion. Perfect for festivals, traveling or simply as a practical addition to your handbag when it gets cooler in the evenings. They are not only stylish, but also functional and adapt to any lifestyle.

Our happy customers and hoodie fans

What makes us particularly proud is the love our customers show for our hoodies. We have customers who own them in every color imaginable, and some have even gifted hoodies to their friends and family for special occasions like birthdays. For us, the positive feedback from our customers is the best confirmation of our work.

Our mission is to not only make great products, but also to create a community of people who share our passion for quality and style. With every hoodie you wear, you not only share a unique style, but also the story of a friendship that started in Bali and now conquers the world. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Order now and create your style:

Our underboob shirts and crop hoodies are not just pieces of clothing, but an expression of your individuality. Order now and see how these stylish cropped knit hoodies take your outfit to the next level. Discover why they are not only a bestseller, but can also become your favorite clothing items.

“Underboob shirts: Your personal style revolution. Order now and make a statement that underlines your uniqueness.”