What is a babydoll dress and how do you best combine the loose dress?

A babydoll dress is a loose-fitting dress. As a rule, it is a short dress or nightie for women. But where does the definition of babydoll come from and how did the long-lasting fashion trend come about?


In our fashion blog we tell you everything about the term, meaning and origin of the “Babydoll” dress. We also give you styling tips on how to best combine and wear the loose-fitting dresses.

Baby Doll Movie 1956

Term “BabyDoll”

The name Babydoll comes from an American film “Baby Doll” from 1956.

The film is about an underage young woman who is married to a much older man. However, only on the condition that the “marriage is only carried out” when it is of legal age. On the one hand, the girl “Baby Doll” is still very childlike because she is still sleeping in her cot and sucking her thumb. On the other hand, she can hardly wait to finally live out her eroticism.


At the time, the film was considered very scandalous and far too revealing. However, it was probably precisely because of this that the film sparked viewer interest and even won two Golden Globes and was nominated for an Oscar several times.


In one of the scenes, the young lady wore a wide-cut but tight nightie. And so after the release of the film, this type of women’s negligee became a real trend, which was later changed from nightwear to short women’s dresses.

Twiggy in a babydoll dress
Babydoll Trend der 60er

In the grunge style typical of the 90s, the babydoll dress from Lolita Image has undergone a change to punk chic. Rocky cowboy boots or Doc Martens weren’t missing in the 90s babydoll dress.

Courtney Love, for example, influenced the girly grunge style of the 90s.

Babydoll dress mini dress long sleeve with pleated folds

Advantages of the babydoll dress

The babydoll dress is not only super comfortable, but also very versatile. Because it can be worn as a loose beach dress in summer, as a tunic with opaque tights or even as a loose top with skinny jeans.

In addition, a babydoll stands for almost every figure type and conjures up a beautiful figure. Because it hides a small tummy super nice (e.g. before, during or after pregnancy). However, it emphasizes the legs and a beautiful cleavage at the same time.

In addition, it gives the outfit something girlish but feminine.

Wear a babydoll as a tunic

This style is my favorite babydoll. Because paired with opaque tights or thigh highs, the wide-cut mini dress looks just super cute and casual at the same time. In addition, this look can be worn for almost every occasion and almost every season.


Wear babydoll as a short summer dress or beach dress

The nice thing about the babydoll dress is that it can also be worn really great as a tight summer dress. Depending on the length of the dress and of course how you feel good, you can of course wear it with shorts underneath. It also fits wonderfully with flip flips, summer sandals or light sneakers. A babydoll dress is particularly suitable as a light beach dress because it can be thrown over easily. And it is also very comfortable and airy, especially on hot summer days.

Boho Fall Autm Baby Doll Dress
Boho tunic baby doll dress with trumpet sleeves
Short boho dress short sleeve hippie pattern mint green
Short babydoll dress boho summer dress yellow boteh pattern

Wear babydoll dress in autumn-winter

Yup! The babydoll is even a very suitable piece of clothing for autumn and winter. Because the great wide mini dresses are just perfect for the onion look. So you can wear a warm long sleeve underneath as well as a cardigan or cuddly sweater.

Plus a thick and warm thermal tights and warm boots. And you already have a warm and playful boho autumn-winter outfit.


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Boho Fall Winter Dress Short Long Sleeves Boho Fall Outfit