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Womens cardigan: A must have in every wardrobe

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Which cardigan goes with the dress?

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What to wear under a women’s cardigan?

Blouse jeans cardigan outfitI would advise every lady out there with different figure types to approach the cardigan outfits more figure-hugging. For example, what do you think of an outfit with a lace top, an elegant skirt and an oversize women’s cardigan?

Or a pair of beautifully fitting jeans paired with a tank top, spaghetti top or favourite blouse and then a cozy cardigan.

The warm cardigan outfit then looks casual and comfortable, but still elegant and feminine.

Which cardigan is suitable for plus size women?

At this point I would like to share my experiences with chubby customers with you. Unfortunately, girls from a dress size 42 and up tend to hide their bodies with loose clothing. If you like the baggy look, you should of course do it too, but from my experience there was often more uncertainty behind it.

However, I would like to recommend every woman to be proud of her beautiful female body and to emphasise your feminine curves. Therefore, I can also give you a tip here, to waist in the right places, or to work with different lengths in the outfit. For example, the girl in the picture is wearing a short skirt and a short shirt and has rounded off the autumn look with a midi cardigan. The outfit beautifully emphasises the figure of the lady and does not hide it.

For example, you can waist a cardigan just below the bust with a belt. This also allows a beautiful silhouette to shine through.

In addition, large-meshed cardigans, for example, are very suitable for tall women, because the mesh cardigans do not hide too much either.

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