Since becoming a mom, I’ve discovered this great muslin fabric for myself. It’s no wonder that this cuddly, soft cotton material is mainly used to make children’s clothing or burp cloths for babies. Because muslin cotton is just so soft and comfortable to wear. Then why not make soft muslin dresses for moms too? Since the new summer collection 2022 we will have muslin women’s clothing firmly in our inventory. I’m a big fan and wear Weltentänzer Berlin muslin dresses almost every day at home. They look pretty and are incredibly comfortable.

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What does muslin look like? What are the properties of muslin?

The crinkle look or the crepe structure in the material, which gets even more structure after the first wash, is very typical of the muslin fabric. It is precisely this creped structure that makes the fabric so soft and cuddly. It doesn’t matter whether the muslin fabric is a simple single-layer or multi-layer “double gauze” muslin fabric. The material also has the positive property that it is very breathable and absorbent. On the other hand, however, it dries very quickly. Therefore, muslin fabrics are very popular for baby diapers, burp cloths or children’s clothing. But women’s summer clothing made of muslin is also becoming more and more a trend.

For the most part, muslin is made of cotton. However, there are now crinkled hemp or bamboo fabrics on the market that are similarly soft.


Long muslin dress with trumpet sleeves

In the new summer collection we have created a special muslin dress for you. The soft boho maxi dress is strapless, but has long bell sleeves that are held in place by a smocked part on the upper arm. The entire upper part of the hippie chic dress is elastic and fits almost every figure. And the high side slit gives the floor-length muslin dress a sexy touch.

Our boho muslin maxi dress is the perfect summer dress

The pleasantly soft and breathable muslin fabric makes the dress really comfortable to wear on hot summer days. Therefore you can also take it with you on vacation as a beach dress. We are currently offering the cozy cotton hippie dress in the colours “Dusty Salmon“; taupe“; Black and White.

Our white muslin dress is a bit transparent so you can make your underwear part of the outfit;-)

Boho Maxikleid schulterfrei Lachs Musselin Baumwolle

Muslin two-piece dresses

Muslin wrap blouse boho hippieThe Muslin Outfits  we have designed, has combinations for you that you can make into a two-piece dress as a set. With the long muslin skirt, you can either combine a strapless top, a muslin wrap blouse, a crop top or a top with a cross tie. But we will go into more detail about the individual parts. The muslin two-piece dresses are ideal for your next summer holiday on the beach, at festivals or simply for hot summer days.

In any case, the muslin garments can also be combined individually with other items from your wardrobe.

For example, the tops also look really nice with jeans or denim shorts.

Musselin Wickelbluse Boho Hippie

High waisted muslin maxi skirt with slits

The basis for our two-piece dresses is of course the high-cut muslin maxi skirt, which is open on both sides. So that two side slits are formed when walking. Due to its high-waist cut, crop tops can be combined really well with it. In addition, the cut is very flattering to the figure.

And because the upper part is completely elastic, it adapts nicely to the figure and is therefore a one-size-fits-all that fits dress sizes 34-40/42 well. At the moment we have the skirt in four colours, which we will expand in the next collections.

It goes well with boots, sandals or over-knee boots.

Boho Maxirock schwarz Baumwolle Musselin

Muslin wrap blouse

Musselin Wickelbluse mit langen GlockenärmelnOur customers’ favourite top for the maxi skirt is the long-sleeved wrap blouse with wide trumpet sleeves. Worn as a two-piece, the set looks elegant and effortless at the same time. Better said “boho chic”.

The muslin blouse is also well suited as a throw for yoga or meditation. It can also be worn as a kimono.

And if you want to wear the bell sleeve wrap blouse with another skirt or even a pair of jeans then we totally recommend it. It fits very well with other pieces in your closet.

The beautiful women’s blouse made of muslin fits the dress sizes 34-38 very well.

Musselin Wickelbluse Boho Hippie

Muslin crop top with a bardot neckline

For those who prefer something more figure-hugging and summery, the maxi skirt and crop top combo is the right option. This set gives the two-piece dress a boho hippie Ibiza style. You could also combine it with a wide belt.

The Esmeralda Belly Top has romantic puff sleeves and small buttons.

The short top can also be worn under dungarees or with high-waisted jeans.

Boho Tops

Loose muslin off-shoulder top

off the shoulder Summer Top SalmonThe off-the-shoulder cotton top is more versatile than you might think at first glance. Because it is semi backless at the back. As you can see in the photo, the back part can also be worn in front and shows a bit of the belly. Combined with the muslin maxi skirt “Shanti”, the top can either be worn loose. Because the skirt is cut more figure-hugging in the upper part. The top can sit a little looser without appearing “baggy”. However, the top looks beautiful in combination with a skirt and a wide belt. For example, if you can tuck the top into your skirt or belt. This makes the set look like a one-piece muslin dress in beach style.

Boho Musselin Sommer Kleid Lachs Pfirsich

Muslin cross-back top

Zweiteiliges-Kleid-Musselin-Taupe-Maxirock-und-Cross-Back-TopAnother unique piece is our tank top, which has a beautiful cross-lacing at the back. This allows the top to be wonderfully adjusted to the body in terms of both size and length. Worn together with the maxi skirt, the two-piece muslin dress looks classic, elegant and more suitable for everyday use with a little eye-catcher in the back.


How to wash muslin?

Like almost every cotton fabric, muslin is rather easy to care for and can be washed in the washing machine without any problems. I always recommend my customers not to wash at more than 30 degrees for the sake of the colours and the environment.

Delicate garments always last longer if you wash them in a laundry bag. Under no circumstances should you put muslin in the dryer, as the fabric can shrink in high temperatures. Since muslin dries very quickly anyway, there is actually no need for a dryer.