Weihnachtsgeschenke für Frauen

Gift ideas: 5 beautiful Christmas gifts for women 2022

It’s mid-November and the celebration of family and love is fast approaching, so many of you are already preparing for Christmas. The search for suitable Christmas presents for his loved ones has already begun.

If you landed on this blog, then you are looking for Christmas presents for your girlfriend, mom or sister. In this blog I would like to give you some suggestions for the most beautiful Christmas gifts for women of all ages.

1. Gift idea for Christmas: Something homemade

DIY gift ideas are definitely a hit in women’s hearts, because a self-made gift contains your time and love, which you give away. This is certainly of great importance to your girlfriend, mom or sister. Because Christmas presents for women don’t always have to be the same price.

But, if you’re looking for inspiration on what exactly you can craft, then I can give you some ideas here. For example, homemade photo gifts are always very popular with us girls. How about, for example, DIY photo fridge magnets, or a stylish photo wall? A photo puzzle or a nice souvenir photo on a cuddly pillow?

You can also make a snow globe yourself, for example. Or pack a delicious baking mix or colorful sweets in a pretty glass jar. Or you can make your own herbal olive oil and give it away with home-baked bread.

You can also make great salt body scrubs yourself and bake them in a glass.

Gift idea: photo wall

Gift idea: Baking mix or colourful sweets in a jar

Gift idea: homemade olive oil or body scrub

Gift idea: snow globe or tea lights made of up-cycled glass

2. Jewelry Gifts for Women

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” there seems to be some truth to that. It doesn’t have to be diamonds, of course, but a small piece of jewellery that glitters gives every girl, big or small, a little smile on their face.

Think about what the recipient likes, or look into your jewellery box and get an idea of ​​the style they like. Is she more into gold or silver? Does she prefer filigree or statement jewellery? Sneakily ask if she has a favourite stone. And believe me, we women all have a favourite stone. You can also give her your birthstone or zodiac stone.

At this point I would like to show you some beautiful pieces of jewellery from our shop. Here you are not only giving away a super stylish piece of jewellery, but also a small part of Bali culture. Because our jewellery was made with a lot of love and time in Bali, by hand with traditional Balinese silver craftsmanship. We also have a blog where you can see behind the scenes.

Schmuck Geschenke für Frauen: Medaillon Halsketten

Boho Silber Münzkette Halbmond Sterne

Jewellery gift for women: filigree jewellery

Small moon stud earrings goldIf you have found out from your jewellery casket research that the person you love prefers fine pieces of jewellery, then you can get her small stud earrings or mini earrings for example. Or wafer-thin hoop earrings or fine necklaces.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for women, remember to meet her taste.

Fine sun ring made of silver 925 Handmade in Bali moonstone Bohemian style

Jewellery Gifts for Women: Statement Boho Jewellery

Christmas gifts for women: Gemstone jewellery with a birthstone

3. Weihnachtsgeschenke für Frauen: Kleidung

3. Christmas gifts for women: clothes

Boho cardigan wool whiteWith this type of gift, you must either know the taste and size of the recipient very well or listen carefully when she expresses a wish of this kind. Or you already know their style and get good advice. Maybe you are planning a holiday together and she would be happy about a nice holiday dress? Or does she generally love long boho dresses? Then you have a point where you can start. In the cold Christmas season, she will definitely be happy about a cuddly sweater, a scarf or a nice Cardigan.

Christmas gifts for women in terms of clothing are certainly a hit, but the meeting is a small challenge and requires detailed research.

If you get cold feet, you can very well use a shopping voucher. You can’t go wrong, guaranteed.

4. Christmas gifts for women: shared experiences


Think about what the person receiving the gift likes to do, what interests they have or what they have always wanted to do. Always wanted to try the new vegan restaurant? Or give a certain theatrical performance of a play that she enjoyed reading. Maybe she has never been to a certain city and you book an overnight stay there and drive there with her.

These types of Christmas gifts for women are guaranteed to go straight to the heart of the lady you are giving them and boost anticipation. Because if you fulfil her heart’s desire and share it with her, you can never go wrong.

Christmas Gifts for Women: Me-Time

Do you have a power woman as a mom, wife or sister that keeps her family, job and household together all year. Then give her the respect she deserves and invite her for some me-time at the spa or give her a 10x card to her favourite studio yoga.