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Moon jewelry made of silver: moon love

In this blog, I would like to introduce you to our moon jewellery and show you the bestsellers. If you found this blog, then this is probably what you are looking for. If moon jewellery also has meaning for you, then hopefully you’ll find exactly what you’ve been looking for here with us.

In our blog about the loving handwork in which our boho chic silver jewellery is made, you will then see how much love is put into each of our articles.


The moon and its magic

If you exchange ideas with astrologers, then a lot of emotions in our everyday life have a meaning, because according to your knowledge, the corresponding planetary configurations have a special effect on us. But even people who may have nothing to do with astrology at all may notice the effect of the full moon on them. For example, many people cannot sleep on a full moon. For spiritual people, such as here in Bali, the moon plays a very special role. Special ceremonies are held on full moon or new moon and the corresponding offerings are provided.

A lot of people follow the lunar calendar. For example cutting your hair or gardening. Whether you believe it or not, centuries of experience with “life after the moon” may well have a reason. Farmers used to set the harvest time according to the moon. And to be honest, if the moon has an influence on the ebb and flow, why not on the energy balance of us humans.

Moon Love: Feeling connected to the moon

For me, the moon definitely also plays an important role. Maybe I was also influenced a bit by life here in Bali. For example, when there is a full moon, I always think about the past period and see which energies I want to release. And at new moon I set myself new goals.

Maybe it’s just a group of people who feel connected to the moon. Funnily enough, I meet a lot of “my kind”.

That’s why our Moon Jewellery, for example, is so popular with most of our customers. There is also a lot of demand for jewellery with the mystical moonstone. In our Boho jewellery collection you will find a lot of pieces that are made with a moon engraving and a moonstone are connected to each other.


Shop the look

Moon jewelry gold and silver

We have our moon jewellery in both 925 silver and 22 carat gold-plated silver. So we have every taste of our customers covered.

So let’s get to our moon jewellery. I start with our best sellers and work my way down to our new arrivals.

1. Coin Necklace Triple Moon Goddess Symbol

This medallion necklace is the absolute favorite of our customers all over the world. Even in the USA and New Zealand there are moon sisters who wear this necklace. The special thing about the design is of course the triple moon goddess symbol on the coin pendant of the necklace. And in the full moon a small moonstone was used.

Boho Halskette 925 Silber Monde Medaillon Mondstein Witchy Schmuck Ibiza SchmuckAt the request of some customers we have also replaced the stone with a turquoise gem replaced. We have this moon necklace in 925 silver and 22 carat gold-plated silver.

And since the necklace is such a big hit, we’re not yet offering hoop earrings with the moon symbol, which also come in gold and silver.

Triple Moon Goddess Necklace Boho Moon Necklace Moonstone Silver Plated Witchy Necklace
Kleine Mond Anhänger Creolen Gold und Silber mit Mondstein

2. Fine Sun & Moon Ring

Another bestseller from our moon jewelry collection is this fine sun and moon ring with the stone labradorite, which is a close relative of moonstone. Because it is adjustable in size, the ring can be worn on different fingers, depending on your preference. It is great as jewelry for every day and is a really nice gift for all moon friends.

And since this delicate boho ring is so popular, we have created another variant in which men can also see a face in the crescent moon.

Boho silver 925 sun moon labradorite Bali

3. Mother of Pearl Crescent Pendant Necklace

Our customers also love this fine boho necklace because the mother-of-pearl makes it look very classy. It can be wonderfully combined with other necklaces and is suitable everyday jewelry as well as for the evening.

We also have this half moon necklace in silver and gilded silver.

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