Boho Sommer Strand Zweiteiler Lachs

Two piece dresses for every occasion

It’s probably no longer a secret that I’m a huge fan of women’s two piece dresses. Because there is a new two-piece dress from Weltentänzer Berlin in every summer collection. Why do I love the two-piece outfits so much? Because they are simply a huge eye catcher and because the women’s two-piece suits are just so versatile.

They can be styled and combined in so many different ways. Worn together as a set or paired with other pieces from the wardrobe. Furthermore, the two-piece dresses are also very suitable for almost every occasion and actually for every season. In this outfit inspo blog I’ll show you what I mean by that.

Batik Kleid zweiteilig Sommer Boho Hippie Style
Kurze Wickelbluse aus baumwolle mit langen Schlagärmeln

#1 The two-piece dress for the summer

In our collection we have two piece dresses in the best summer colours. And they are usually either strapless or have light ruffled straps.
But above all, the two-piece dresses are cropped or the colourful dresses are open in the middle. So they are perfect for the summer or for a summer vacation at the beach.

Especially when traveling, two-piece summer dresses are not just an eye-catcher but they are also very practical because you can wear the two-piece suits separately. So you have different styling options with you in your holiday luggage.

Weißes Rückenfreies Off Shoulder Top Ibiza Style Strand Urlaub

Two piece dresses in white

Straight white two-piece dresses are the perfect hippie chic Ibiza outfit for the hot summer. You can combine it with beautiful boho jewellery for example. Necklaces of different lengths in a layered look or large hoop earrings are always a great combination.

Boho Zweiteiler Kleid Leinen Optik Wollweiß
Boho Zweiteiler Kleid Leinen Optik Wollweiß

#2: Two piece wedding guest dresses

I have already published a blog post on this. But that should not be missing in this blog, which is all about two-piece dresses for every occasion. Because even as a wedding guest, you leave a lasting impression with a matching set. Because two-piece dresses can be combined in a super festive way.

In our Polka Dot collection we have dresses that consist of a top and a maxi skirt. Here you can wear the matching set with high heels, for example. You can also borrow a pair of pearl earrings from mum if you don’t have any yourself and you’ve already staged a two-piece boho dress in a festive way.

Blue Summer dress Off Shoulder Polka Dot Print
Boho Zweiteiler Zweiteilige Kleider

What does that tell us? Two-piece dresses look particularly elegant when combined with the right accessories.

You can therefore transform your two-piece suit into a festive Boho Chic evening outfit with an elegant belt, a chic handbag, high heels or fine jewellery.

What jewellery goes with a two-piece dress

When choosing jewellery, we would rely on “more is more”. Big creole earrings, many Necklaces in a layered look or large Statement rings on each finger.
Depending on the color and style of the Boho two piece dress, you can choose the colour and weight accordingly.

#3 Two-piece dresses for everyday

Boho Chic Style Herbst Winter Polka Dot Maxirock schwarz weiß Boho PulloverAnd if 2-piece dresses are suitable for a festive occasion, you can of course use them to style for everyday. Because every skirt, no matter how chic, be it tulle, lace or silk, can be made suitable for everyday use with an oversize sweater or a simple blouse.

Our two piece dresses are also suitable for a festive appearance as well as an outfit for every day. Combine a simple T-shirt or a denim jacket with the outfit. Flat shoes and casual boots also give the boho two-piece outfit a casual look.

You can wear the skirt of your two-piece suit combined with a blouse to the office. And paired with a cozy jumper and over-knee boots, the two-piece boho outfit can also be worn in autumn and winter.

Polka Dot Business Outfit
Summer city look polka dot skirt with denim jacket denim jacket
Polka Dot Summer Outfit Boho Ibiza Style
Polka Dot Maxirock schwarz weiß
Boho Chic Maxirock Blau Polka Dot Knöpfe Rock

A two-piece boho dress with long sleeves for every day

In addition, a long-sleeved two-piece dress is well suited for everyday wear. Besides, it can also be worn in almost every season. With our muslin two-piece suit, you can also wear the long-sleeved Shavasana wrap blouse for yoga or meditation because it’s so cuddly soft.

And worn as a two-piece suit, the outfit looks elegant but is still casual enough that you can wear it every day.

weiche Wickelbluse kurz aus Musselin in der Farbe Lachs
Schwarze Musselin Wickelbluse Trompetenärmeln
Musselin Wickelbluse mit langen Trompetenärmeln weiß
Boho Zweiteiler Lachs aus Musselin

Combine two-piece dresses in different ways

The beauty of two-piece dresses is that they are something different. And also offer so many possible combinations. That’s why they will probably always be there at Weltentänzer Berlin.
In our new summer collection 2022 we have even developed a two-piece dress, which always results in a completely different style by choosing the different tops with the matching maxi skirt.